At the very beginning of the game, you’re accompanied by a loyal and trusted friend. It’s your dog!

With the recent update (as of 20 August 2020), your dog can do so much more as you’re now able to train them. Here are some new stuff introduced from this update:

  • The dog’s love for you can gradually increase as you play and feed them. You can unlock exclusive plot tasks and rewards as it increases.
  • Dogs of all professions have two common skills: load-bearing and guiding. Each profession will still have their unique skills. As their love deepens, their skills will evolve.
  • Dog’s personality is unique in which you can cultivate it. Training the dogs to master specific skills will change their personality.
  • There are 3 free training times a day with an additional 2 times that need to be paid with dollars. There’s a limit of 5 training times a day. Using high-efficiency training snacks can improve training efficiency.
  • When you go online, there’s a possibility that you will get a small gift from the dog. The higher the dog’s love for you, the higher the quality of the gift brought to you.
  • Dogs can interact with their owners in a better way, they can be taken by their owners for a ride, they can comfort their injured owners, and they can praise the owners who have put on new outfits.

Types of Dog Breed

When you started the game, you get to choose from three dog breeds: Black Back (German Shepard), Doberman and Labrador. In the mall, you get to purchase a Husky or a Akita Inu (Shiba Inu.)


Black Back (German Shepard)




Akita Inu

Types of Habit (aka Skills)

  1. Rescue Dog: Gives warning about the enemy’s situation in the wilderness. Suitable for owners who are worried of being attacked by Infected in the wilderness.
  1. Warning: Your dog will alert you when there’s something dangerous nearby such as Infected lurking near you.
  2. Advanced Warning: Your dog will tell you how many enemies you’ll encounter when there’s something dangerous nearby. This can be unlocked when Doggo’s love meets the requirement.
  • Search Dog: Bring you resources from the wilderness. Perfect for owners who enjoy gathering resources in the wilderness.
  1. Fetch: Bring you items from the wilderness.
  2. Advanced Fetch: You can specify the quality of items in the wilderness that you want your dog to bring you. This can be unlocked when Doggo’s love meets the requirement.
  • Therapy Dog: Show off their talents. Ideal for owners who enjoy playing with their dogs.
  1. Ball Balancing Trick: Your dog can perform this trick in safe places (Hope 101 and your camp)
  2. Skateboarding Trick: This is unlocked when Doggo’s love meets requirements.

Types of Training

You have 3 free training daily and up to 5 times training a day. You need to pay 800 dollars for the 4th training and 1200 dollars for the 5th training. Different types of training are available for you to choose but it does change your dog’s personality orientation.

  1. Showmanship: Trains your dog to be more Jolly but it makes your dog a little bit dumber.
  2. Pouncing: Trains your dog how to pounce, making it more Feisty but less clingy.
  3. Handshake: Trains your dog to raise its paw to you, making it more Clingy but less feisty.
  4. Math: Train your dog to be Smarter but less Jolly.

Doggo’s Love and How to Get

There are some benefits of increasing your dog’s love towards you; your dog will become more obedient and less rebellious, you’ll be able to unlock more slots in the dog pack, and your dog will bring you gift (how I wish this can happen in real life.) In order to increase your dog’s love, you must do the following:

1. Feed: For the first 3 times you feed your dog every day, it’s guaranteed that your dog will love you more.

2. Accompany: Let your dog stay with you to improve your relationship. Basically, take your dog with you when you’re going to other maps instead of leaving them behind to guard the house. I only leave my dog to guard the house during Infected Invasion.

3. Play: For the first 3 times you play with your dog every day, it’s guaranteed that your dog will love you more.