In order for you to gather resources, you’ll need an Extraction Permit unlocked based on your gathering level which will also determine the level of resources you can extract.

The Extraction Permit resets at 03:00 every day where it adds 120 rare (green) resource quota and 60 valuable (blue) resource quota. You can obtain 20 more quotas for each if you’re a Federation Member. Alternatively, you can also purchase an additional extraction quota using gold bars.

If you run out of extraction quota, some of your extracted resources will be temporarily stored in Temporary Resource Storage Boxes. They can only be taken out once your extraction quota is available.

Below is the table summarizing the resources for each level in correspondent with your gathering level and the location to obtain the resources.




Lv 1

(Lv 1 – 10)

Twig, Hardwood Vine, Sapling, Iron Ore, Flint, Cast Iron Drill, Plant Root, Bones, Hide

Fall Forest, Clear Sky Wheat Field, Summer Rain Highway, Farstar City

Lv 2

(Lv 11 – 20)

Resin, Wood Core, Oak Seedling, Tin Ore, Sulfur, Alloy Drill Bit, Hemp Stem, Hemp Bast, Castor Seed, Claw, Beast Tendon

Blade Hunter Base, Assyrian Hills, Assyrian Grassfield

Lv 3

(Lv 21 – 32)

Old Cypress, Cypress Leaf, Cracked Tough Hide, Gingko Seedling, Aluminum Ore, Kyanite, Malachite, Flax Leaf, Flax Petal, Kenaf Leaf, Grease, Beast Horn, Rugged Leather

Galaxy Valley, Mt. Snow, Snow Highlands, Levin City, Utz Mine, Polar Tjaele

Lv 4

(Lv 31 – 45)

Boxwood, Broadleaf, Copper Ore, Diamond Drill, Silicon, Jute Leaf, Jute Leaf, Beast Tooth, Beast Fur

Miska Town, River Area, Wolf Hunting Field, Black Pearl Area, Levin City’s Dawn District

Lv 5

(Lv 51 – 60)

Old Oak, Birch Root, Silver Ore, Pyrargyrite, Sisal Leaf, Kenaf Bast, Beast Blood, Rugged Tail

Santopany, Redwood Town, Mount Apparition, Lesins Port

Lv 6

(Lv 61 – 72)

Redwood, NanmuCedar Leaves, Gold Ore, Quicksilver, Rare-earth Ore, Nettle Leaf, Hops, Castor Bast, Beast Hoof, Beast Spine

Mouth Swamp, Mouth Town, Lawrence Bay, Swamp Border

Lv 7

(Lv 71 – 82)

Elm Leaves, Elm Bark, Kamacite, Pyrite, Kendir, Dogbane Stalk, Beast Tail, Scale

Sand Castle, Silent Plain, Barren Wilds, Desolate Desert

Lv 8

(Lv 86 – 90)

Camphor, Camphor Leaves, Volcanic Rock, Bornite, Bugbane, Bugbane Stem, Dorsal Fin, Beast Antler, Wood Ash, Volcanic Ash

St. Rona

Lv 9

(Lv 91 – 100)

White birch, Birch bark, Phosphorite Ore, Apatite, Urtica Leaf, Urtica Stem, Bone Spur, Tentacle

Christmas Village, Gatey Woods, Mount Gray Bear, Redwater Lake, Vina Snow Park

Purchasing Resources using Gathering Vouchers

You can purchase raw materials from Gathering Team by exchanging it with Gathering Vouchers. The Gathering Team will appear in random regions every day. Use the map to look for Gathering Team operating on the current map. You’ll spot the Gathering Team icon if they’re available in the area.

All you need to do is to select the resources you want and place your order. The Gathering Vouchers will be deducted. The quantity of the resources you can purchase is based on the resource quota mentioned earlier in this post.

There are two ways you can obtain Gathering Vouchers:

  1. Area Operations: Reach a certain rating in Area Operations
  2. Logistics Support: Provide food for the Gathering Team’s Logistics teammates.

Exchanging Gathering Voucher from Logistics Support

You can exchange Gathering Vouchers by providing Food to the Logistics Teammates of the Gathering Team. The daily limit of the Gathering Vouchers is calculated independently in different maps depending on the difficulty level. Higher difficulty maps will grant you a higher limit of exchangeable Gathering Vouchers. The number of Gathering Vouchers you get also depends on the taste of the food you provide. The higher the taste, the more you get. The limit of Gathering Vouchers is reset at 03:00 every day.