“Don’t believe everything others say about me, the truth could be a lot worse.”

Hello! I’m Jacqueline.

I grew up in Klang, a small town in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Obtained my Bachelor and Master degrees in business. I spent most of my professional life in the training and consulting field before I started my own business in 2011. I’m an illustrator, gamer and writer. Currently, I’m a doctoral candidate working on my thesis related to the gaming industry.

I’m a multipotentialite (a definition coined by Emilie Wapnick) which means I have an eclectic range of interests. After years of struggling to focus or specialize, I’m letting myself loose and to be free to explore whatever interests and creative pursuits that I may have. 

I’m an autodidact. I’m very fond of learning and mastering a certain area of my interests. Basically, I initiated and set my learning goals although I don’t necessarily self-taught myself everything. I do rely on the Internet, online courses, and YouTube channels to learn.

About this Blog

I started this blog in 2009 as a personal blog. My blog has gone through a few transitions. At one point, it was a business blog, then a lifestyle blog, and now I write solely on gaming, creativity, and Internet culture. Of course, it’ll drive me crazy if I don’t at least have a channel where I can pretty much write about anything and everything that cross my mind. Hence, I have a personal blog where it’s pretty much served as a brain dump and online journal.

Some (Fun) Facts!

  • I love dogs and I have two Schnauzers, Coffee and Tydus.
  • I only watch one sport and support one sport team (okay maybe two); Liverpool FC and England.
  • My definition of family is different from most people. I refer to people who are biologically related to me as relatives. My family are the people I chose to love and be loyal to because we’re there for each other. Most of them are not my blood relatives except my brother.
  • I used to make a lot of friends over the Internet in my mid-20s. One in particular whom I love so much that I took the risk of flying all the way to South Africa with my partner to see her. We joked about how she could turn out to be a murderer.
  • Categorizing and stamping dates on my posts is a struggle as I suffer from OCD. I’ve changed my categories over 100 times since 2009.

Let’s Get Connected

Please feel free to comment on my posts and share your thoughts. Let’s make it thought-provoking so we can learn from each other. Also, a gentle reminder to be respectful towards each other and have fun! 

As for those who would like to connect with me and find out more about my other creative pursuits, please feel free to follow me on Facebook. Who knows? We probably share similar interests. 

Disclosure Policy 

This blog is written and managed by Jacqueline Teo (me). The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong to me unless stated otherwise. No images or content can be used without written permission. This blog may contain advertisements and affiliate links to various affiliate programs in which commission is made from links clicked and/or purchase made by you with no additional costs to you. Read Disclaimer.