Hope 101 is a safe haven for survivors who have not joined any camp. The mayor of Hope 101 is Justin (the father of Ingrid and Rachel)

Here’s a brief introduction of each location in Hope 101 and its functions:

1. Commerce Bureau

You can look for Billy in this building to create or join a camp if you’re staying at the 101 Development area. You can talk to Fernando and send him gifts. More about this from NPC Gift Giving Guide.

2. Caravan Transport

This is where you’ll meet Louise to start your Bounty Hunt Quest.

3. Friend Trainer

Matilda is the person to talk to if you want to adopt a pet, change your pet profession, or change its appearance. More about this from Dog Guide.

4. Weapon Shop

You’ll meet with Oriodan where you can purchase items like gear supply, drone supply, bandage, adrenal injection, smoke bomb, etc.

5. Steak House

You can talk to Rapunzel (at the entrance) and Stephen (inside the shop) to send them gifts to increase favourability. Talk to Nine Dragons if you want to purchase items such as wood, stone, hemp, clean can, cooking ingredients, etc. 

6. Market

You can access Trade City to purchase and sell items. The buying and selling tax is set at 5%. Inside the market, you’ll spot Heider. Talk to him to send him gifts to increase favourability points.

7. YK Store

You’ll spot Enya and Crouch where you can send them gifts. Crouch also carry the same items as Nine Dragons from Steak House if you would like to make a purchase.

8. Armor Shop

Talk to Nico to purchase items or to expand your backpack.

9. Furniture Shop

Armstrong sells crafting items such as lime and sandstone. He also carried wallpapers and some personal farming items such as pine saplings, mallow seeds, carbon steel drill, piglet, common fertilizer, and drill engine oil. You’ll also meet Branken who will give you the task of gathering construction materials in exchange for 500 new dollars and Ultra-Luxury Drumstick Meal box daily at 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 20:00.


There are no exploration chests to collect in Hope 101. You’re only required to take pictures of the landmarks. There are 4 landmarks in Hope 101.

1. Old Station Platform: This is the train station located at the south of Hope 101

2. Fountain: This is located at the centre of the Hope 101 town.

3. Gate of the Town Hall

4. Pinwheel: This is the windmill on the east of Hope 101.