LifeAfter being a multiplayer survival game would mean that it’s crucial for you to join a camp however anti-social you are if you want to progress in the game. You could still choose to play solo most of the time while you’re in a Camp but it helps when you need to tag along with someone for certain Quests and Missions. It’s better to be with a campmate than a stranger.

Apart from having campmates, there are a lot more benefits when you’re in a Camp. First of all, your Manor will be safer in a camp compared to 101 Development Zone. Second of all, you get access to resources, merchants, and facilities available in the camp.

Join or Create a Camp

Once you have completed the tutorial, you need to go to Hope 101 and talk to Billy who’s at the Commercial Bureau Building. When you talk to her, you have 2 choices:

  1. Creating a camp: You need to have sufficient gold bars required to begin. You’ll become the mayor of the camp.
  2. Joining a camp: There are 2 options available for this one.
    • In progress camp: Camps that are waiting for additional funds. Someone has started this camp and they need supporters to contribute. You can pay gold bars to become a supporter in which you’ll be granted immediate approval once it’s set up.
    • Established camps: Existing camps in which you’ll require the mayor of the camp to approve your application.

I wouldn’t recommend you create a camp for a start. The quickest, simpler, and cheaper way is to join a well-established existing camp. Besides, you most likely already receive some invitations to join a camp when you’re at Hope 101. When I was a newbie, I received invitations the moment I step into Hope 101. A lot of camps are actively seeking new members.

Upon joining a camp, you need to head back to 101 Development Zone to talk to Rachel in order to move your manor to the camp. By default, your manor will be placed at the Island until the Mayor grant you Honorary Citizen, then you can move to the Main Island. The moment you’re granted the Honorary Citizen, move your manor to the Main Island as soon as you can.

Leaving a Camp

If you’re not happy with the camp or if the camp is inactive, you may want to leave the camp and join another camp. However, you cannot leave a camp within 24 hours upon joining it.

To leave camp, go to the Town Hall. On its left, there’s a staircase. Go to the 2nd floor and find the Crazy Huntress. You need to pay gold bars when you want to leave camp. The amount depends on your items and manor’s development.

Once you leave, your manor will be moved to 101 Development Zone. If you have a cohab, items left at your cohab’s manor will now be theirs. Your cohab relationship will also end effective immediately the moment you leave. You’ll need to wait another 24 hours before rejoining another camp.

How to be a Good Camp Citizen

“Ask not what your camp can do for you. Instead, ask what you can do for your camp”


Now that you’re a citizen of the camp, you have some roles to play. To progress in the game, you need to have a camp. In return, you need to contribute to the camp. The more successful your camp is, the more benefits you’ll get as a citizen. Here are a few things you can do to help your camp:

Donate to the Vault

Visit the camp vault in downtown. Upon opening the screen, you’ll see the following:

  • Camp Tax tab: You’ll see the required resources of the day.
  • Resources tab:  You’ll see the required resources for your camp to advance to the next camp period. You can donate these resources by bringing them with you in your backpack, then double-click on them to donate. You’ll earn contribution points of up to 2000 per week through your donation. After you hit the max, you can still donate but you won’t earn any points. This refreshes weekly every Sunday. You can also donate cooked food to increase food supplies.
  • Contribute Tech Points: You’ll need to contribute tech points in order to unlock camp technologies. Go to Town Hall, right in the middle up the stairs, you’ll see the R&D device. Click on Technology R&D. Although you can contribute your tech points to any R&D, I would suggest you look at what the mayor is currently researching on. It’ll show in the middle of the screen. By going with the mayor’s recommendation, it’ll help to unlock the technology quicker as it’ll be like a focused effort of the entire camp. To get tech points, you can do the following:
    • Personal economies: Plant or extract quarry in your manor farm.
    • Item Making: Craft items in the weapon shop, armor shop and furniture shop, or make items on household construction materials machine or household grills at home.
    • Camp Resource Crate: Claim your benefit box daily from the resource create located next to Camp Canteen.

Join Infected Invasion

This is a limited-time event that happens every Wednesday and Saturday. If your manor is selected to be one of the targets to be invaded, you’ll receive defense materials in your mailbox. Set it up and get ready to defend your manor. If your manor is not on the Main Island and you can’t defend it on your own, be sure to hit the Seek Camp for Help button where a link will pop up in the Camp chat. This link will transport any citizen that tap on it straight to your manor. If your manor is not targeted, you can go to other manors that are targeted to assist.

Join Trapped Infection

This is a time-limited event that happens every Thursday and Sunday. Trapped infection is ideal for you to get rewards and combat mastery. On top of it all, it helps with your camp rank.

Watch Out for Raiders and Imperial

If you see another player with a red icon above the head, they’re raiders. Shoot to kill. If they’re higher level than you, quickly go to one of the towers and sound the camp alarm so any higher level camp citizens could come to your rescue.

Another enemy you should watch out for is the Imperial soldier. You can inform your active campmates via Camp chat so you can all spread out to look for the Imperial soldier and kill him. While he doesn’t raid your manor, he does steal camp resources.

Assist in Territory Quests

When your mayor unlocks new territory, there are quests for you to fulfill. Edward (NPC) will appear at the entrance to that particular area. Go talk to him and see what he needs.

Buy Items from Camp NPCs

You can go downtown and visit the following locations to locate the NPCs to purchase items from them.

  • Lafita: Buy raw materials and food ingredients.
  • Julie Wang: Buy weapon crafting items
  • Liza: Buy armour materials
  • Armight: Buy raw items for crafting and furniture
  • Tex Brandon: Buy reward chests and farming supplies

Camp Affairs

Apart from the suggestions above to contribute to the camp, you can also help the camp by participating in some of the camp affairs. Here are some of the activities listed in your Daily under Camp Affair that you can participate as a camp citizen which will allow you to earn duty points:

Manor Security Simulation Attack (20 duty points)

This basically means you’re raiding someone’s manor from another camp. To do this, you can go to Turbulent City by helicopter and choose a manor to raid. You’ll get supplies when you destroy locks, furniture, etc at the player’s manor. There’s a daily limit to how much supplies you obtained. You’ll also win new dollars and chests once you raid a certain number of manors on that day.

I personally don’t raid manors and my camp is highly against going to Turbulent City. When you raid someone’s manor, they can revenge raid on you. Sometimes, when they do a revenge raid, they ended up raiding your campmate’s manor instead of yours. Your campmate may not be happy to find out their manor has been raided due to your action. While we can’t guarantee we won’t get raid by not raiding others, we could at least lessen the chance of being raided. This activity doesn’t help the camp but yourself so you may skip this one.

Camp Shooting Practice (5 duty points)

No loss of durability and ammo during shooting practice. You’ll get 5 points for the blue balloon, 10 points for the red balloon, and lose 5 points for black balloons. The balloons refresh quicker when you obtain a higher score.

Camp Resource Crate (5 duty points)

The Federation stored basic survival supplies in the camp resource crate. You can request for the mayor to open the camp’s vault to set special rewards if your camp is the trade city for that day.

Camp Pond Fishing (9 duty points)

There’s a camp pond at Crystal Lakeside where citizens can go fishing. Players who don’t belong to any private camp can also take a helicopter to fish in a private camp pond. You’ll obtain gathering mastery (with a daily limit) when fishing in the camp but this will also consume Vigor (up to 400). The number of rare fish and valuable fish you can get every day is limited to 15 each. After the limit is reached, you can only get ordinary fish.

Challenge Arena (30 duty points)

The camp challenge arena will be held at 19.00 every Friday. Team up to join the event. For every successful defense of 5 waves of Infected, you earn a reward.

For each successful defense against the Infected, you’ll earn some points. After the end of the event, there’ll be a final camp challenge arena rankings based on the camp points. For camps on the ranking list, all the camp citizens who participated in the event will receive rewards.

Camp Cascade Rescue (15 duty points)

Team up to take part in a mission to rescue stranded survivors. A successful rescue will grant you new dollars, combat mastery, and camp contributions based on the number of survivors you save. The rescued survivors are being stationed in the camp, which can yield prosperity. You can also get surprise rewards from the rescued survivors if the camp successfully repels Infected Invasions.  After the rescue has been completed, teams will be ranked based on their number of survivors rescued and time spent. The top 50 teams each week will get extra rewards. If you’re in more than one ranked team, your rewards will be based on your highest-ranked team.

Camp Patrol Mission (15 duty points)

You can go solo for the simple quest or you can team up for higher difficulty (which is not difficult at all by the way.) You’ll gain different amounts of gold bars, camp contributions, crafting mastery, and combat mastery as rewards according to the selected route’s difficulty. It’s important for camp citizens to participate in this as it will help in increasing camp prosperity and management points.

Camp Canteen (5 duty points)

You can eat a meal at the camp canteen at noon and in the evening. 2 hours prior to mealtime, camp citizens can contribute 3 ingredients. When the food supplied by the citizens of the camp reaches a certain amount, the camp canteen will provide a better camp meal. The meal will give you a pretty good buff for 6 hours. The basic meal gives you a 4% increase in your gathering efficiency, the medium meal gives you up to 5% and 5% bonus damage to buildings, and the best meal increases your gathering to 6% and adds a 5% damage reduction buff. On top of that, these buffs stack with all the other buffs. You’ll need 33% of your camp citizens to contribute 3 blue raw food items to get this.