Miska University is part of your daily mission. The map is unlocked once your combat and gather level reaches 10.  It’s great for obtaining gold bars (gb), new dollars, skill points, and combat mastery. It can be quite a challenge if you’re doing this mission for the first time but gradually it’ll get easier once you’ve familiarized yourself with the map.

Your mission at Miska University is to assist the Caravan in rescuing survivors that are stranded there. You can go solo or team up for this mission which is available in 5 levels of difficulty. Your weapon durability wear is decreased by 95% for this mission.

The shorter time you take to complete the mission, the higher rewards you’ll receive. The table below shows different difficult level along with the rewards.

Difficulty Level and Rewards

1 Star Combat Mastery: 10,000

15mins: 650 gb

20 mins: 600 gb

30mins: 550 gb

40mins: 500 gb

50mins: 425 gb

Clearance: 350 gb

Infected Blightbones:

500 new dollars

300 skill points


Special Mutant:

2500 new dollars

1500 skill points

2 Stars Combat Mastery: 12,500

15mins: 910 gb

20 mins: 840 gb

30mins: 770 gb

40mins: 700 gb

50mins: 595 gb

Clearance: 490 gb

Infected Blightbones:

625 new dollars

375 skill points


Special Mutant:

3125 new dollars

1875 skill points

3 Stars Combat Mastery: 15,000

15mins: 1170 gb

20 mins: 1080 gb

30mins: 990 gb

40mins: 900 gb

50mins: 765 gb

Clearance: 630 gb

Infected Blightbones:

750 new dollars

450 skill points


Special Mutant:

3750 new dollars

2250 skill points

4 Stars Combat Mastery: 18,000

15mins: 1560 gb

20 mins: 1440 gb

30mins: 1320 gb

40mins: 1200 gb

50mins: 1020 gb

Clearance: 840 gb

Infected Blightbones:

900 new dollars

540 skill points


Special Mutant:

4500 new dollars

2700 skill points

5 Stars Combat Mastery: 21,000

15mins: 2080 gb

20 mins: 1920 gb

30mins: 1760 gb

40mins: 1600 gb

50mins: 1360 gb

Clearance: 1120 gb

Infected Blightbones:

1200 new dollars

600 skill points


Special Mutant:

6000 new dollars

3000 skill points

1. Form a team. Before we begin with the walkthrough, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

You can go in solo or in a team but regardless, you’re required to form a team. It’s ideal if you can go in a team or at least with a partner especially if you’re a newbie. Since you can select the level of difficulty, be sure to go for the level you’re comfortable with should you decide to go solo.

2. Bring a howitzer or flamethrower if you have it.

There’ll be hordes of Infected coming towards you so it’s best to be equipped with weapons that deal with multiple damages. Durability cost will be greatly reduced as well so bring your best weapons.

3. Share your ammo box.

There’ll be free ammo box available at the entrance to the library. Check the column for teammates so anyone who needs it can reload their weapons easily.

4. Foggy slows you down.

When it’s foggy, you can ignite the Petrol Barrels you see along the way to disperse the fog. Otherwise, you’ll notice your movement slows down.

5. Miska University’s Exploration Chests.

There are 7 exploration chests available in Miska University if you wish to locate them while you’re doing this mission. You can check out my Miska University Exploration Chests post for more info.

The Walkthrough

To begin, go to the helicopter at the camp downtown. Click Open to view the map. Click on Miska University. Click on Team-Up. You can join any available teams you see with the level of difficulty you’re comfortable with or you can hit the Create a Team button. Once you’re in a team, the captain will initiate the call for teammates. If you click ready, you’ll be making your way to Miska University.

In the map below, I’ve marked the map with a sequence number so you can refer it to the walkthrough step-by-step.

Location 1: The Starting Point

Once you’re at Miska University. The captain (if it’s you) need to speak to Buck Slayer (NPC) to begin the Quest. In the 1st Quest, you’ll need to clear the hordes of Infected from the road. There’s an abandoned truck that you can climb on top to reduce the damage you take from the Infected. After you wipe out the horde, a Strong Infected will appear. Kill it and retrieve a key from its body.

Location 2: The Education Building

In the 2nd Quest, you’ll need to save 6 caravan members (indicated in the yellow icon on the map.) Their locations can be revealed by igniting the Petrol Barrels. Assuming you’re going solo, you’ll take a detour on your left and proceed to the Education Building first. If you’re in a team, you can actually split into Team 1 who will proceed to this location, and Team 2 for location 3.

Location 3: The Library

In this location, you’ll be at the entrance of the library. There’s a free ammo box available for you to pick up. The remaining 5 caravan members located in this library are trapped behind bookshelves. When you’re near the bookshelves, you’ll trigger a horde of Infected. However, you can avoid having to deal with them altogether by standing at the right spots when you shoot at the bookshelves. So, read carefully on the instruction that follows in order to prevent dealing with the Infected. Let’s start with the right-wing first. When you enter the right-wing of the library, go up the staircase on your left.

When you’re upstairs, jump on the railing and maintain position. The moment you step forward, a horde of Infected will appear. Shoot at the bookshelf in front of you. Once you’re done, don’t move from your position. Instead, turn around.

When you turn around, you’ll notice the bookshelf on the ground floor. Shoot at it until an opening can be seen.

Get down from the railing and you’ll see a Petrol Barrel. Jump on it and aim at the bookshelf right in front of you.

Once you’ve done shooting all the 3 bookshelves on the right-wing, proceed to enter the room and save the caravan members by talking to them. Now go to the left-wing and do the same, ONLY THIS TIME, proceed to the staircase on the right. Maintain position and shoot at the bookshelves. There are only two for you to shoot this time. Once you’ve rescued all 5 of them, proceed to Location 4 and wait for Buck Slayer’s instruction.

Location 4: The Dorm

When Buck Slayer’s message pops up, you’ll see an Infected Blightbone appear. Kill him and retrieve the key from its body. Enter the dorm, turn to your right, then right again and you’ll see a Petrol Barrel, stroll past it and go through the broken wall. There’s a ladder on your right. Climb up to it and you’ll see two doors on your left. Go to the one on the far left, open it and you’ll be in a room with a broken wall. Jump down and proceed to the area with a fountain.

Location 5: Frida’s Location

There’s an Infected near the fountain. Kill it and retrieve a key. Frida is standing there. Talk to her and she’ll go with you. Your Quest now is to escort her to the auditorium. After you pass the small gate, you’ll be at an open area overlooking a broken structure.

Location 6: Before the Auditorium

There’ll be a horde of Infected waiting for you. Wipe them all out while staying close to Frida. She’ll go to the two Scientia members’ bodies in which you can retrieve bandages. Frida will then make her way towards the auditorium. Follow her and stay close. There’s another horde of Infected saturated around the area. Again, kill them all or Frida won’t move from her spot. Once you’re done, Frida will proceed to the auditorium. In the meantime, you can fix up the barricades along the way for additional defenses.

Location 7: The Auditorium

In front of the entrance to the auditorium, there’s another free ammo box you can retrieve if you need it. Once Frida enters the auditorium, there’ll be 6 waves of Infected invading the place. The locations of where they’ll spawn from are marked in red dots on the map. If you have a team, you can each take 1 spot and kill the horde the moment they spawn. After the final wave, the Strong Infected will appear and it’ll be marked in red on your game map. Kill it and retrieve the key from its body.

Location 8: The Engineering Building

Make your way up the stairs to the Engineering Building. Along the way, you’ll be met with Infected. Proceed to the entrance of the Engineering Building and unlock the door. Go up the stairs to the 1st floor and you’ll find the little girl. She’ll follow you as you make your way out of the building but she’ll stop, telling you that something is out there.

Go outside and you’ll see the boss. Kill the boss and head back to the building to talk to the little girl. Your mission is complete. You can make your way back down the map. The helicopter icon will appear typically at the two spots I circled in red on the map below. Proceed to where it is to leave the area. Before you leave, you can use the free ammo box to reload since it’ll be disposed of once you’re back at camp.

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