Redwood Town is one of my favourite map as it’s rich with resources for a gatherer like me. However, it’s a huge map! To get to one location to another means a lot of long distance running. Bring along with you food that boost movement speed or you can also make lasso to catch a horse for a long distance ride.¬†There are 8 exploration chests in total so let’s get to it!

1st Chest: Stable Collection

This chest is located inside a horse stable towards the bottom left of the map at Alpine Pasture.

2nd Chest: The Sunken Supplies

This chest could be anywhere in the underwater but do try your luck at the area closest to the village.

3rd Chest: Survivor’s Unlawful Possession

This chest is located inside a residential building in Redwood Town. There are a few potential spots where this chest might be but do try the one with the Hotel sign first.

4th Chest: Supplies on the Train

This chest is located on the stationary train on the track at Redwood Town.

5th Chest: Bandits Resources

My main character found this inside the Emerald Manor but you may also try the shack below the manor where my 2nd character found the chest.

6th Chest: Disciple’s Defense

This is located on the 2nd floor of the chapel on the top right of Redwood Town.

7th Chest: Dangerous Game

This chest is located on the right side of the Abandoned mine next to a truck. There’s a huge Infected roaming around the area so be cautious.

8th Chest: Miner’s Relic

Towards the right of the map parallel with Chapel, you’ll find a mining area. This chest is located inside the mine.

Exploration Chests Location of Other Maps

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