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Life Happens and Plan Changes

Life Happens and Plan Changes

When the Prime Minister of Malaysia (where I live) announced a Movement Control Order (MCO) on March 16th, my partner and I had no idea how restrictive it was going to be because we have set the date to move to our new home on March 23rd (yup, yesterday) and now we're...

Givers Have to Set Limit Because Takers Rarely Do

I'm not sure if it was Henry Ford who originally said this or someone else but it rings true to people who are givers. If you're a giver like me (clears throat) who's constantly spending your time and effort to help others, I applaud you. Helping people feels good...

3 Major Blocks You Need to Overcome to be Successful

There's a huge list of blocks that we all face in our lives that hinder our success. But if you group them together, it all boils down to these 3 major blocks that we should focus on overcoming. These major blocks can be on its own or you could also argue that one is...

Mindset for a Successful 2020

For the past one decade, I've struggled with focus and staying consistent. Every new year, I would set my goals and failed to achieve them. I feel like I've wasted the last 10 years of my life going through a whirlwind of activities that didn't serve me. I don't know...

Spending Less Doesn’t Mean Living Less

Spending Less Doesn’t Mean Living Less

Most financial gurus will advise you to not spend beyond your means and encourage you to live a life of frugality. But there are some of them that will tell you not to focus on savings, or not to deprive yourself from enjoying life or spending less means living less....

Updated Posts

Instead of writing an entirely new post on topics that I’ve written before and have duplicates, I prefer to keep things simple by updating the old posts. Here are some of the updates posts you can check out!

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