Bored and tired of working or studying for hours? Open up your web browser and check out some of these awesome browser games (also known as web games.) The best part of playing browser games is that it’s so straightforward and you don’t need a high powered gaming rig or laptop. These games are typically free-to-play and easy-to-run, making it ideal for casual gaming and perfect time-killers.

If you’re ready to play, this list is a collection of free and fun browser games that are worth checking out.

Elvenar is a fantasy city-building MMO game where you can choose either elves or humans as a starting race. It’s developed by InnoGames and if you think you may have heard of them, you’re right! They also developed a similar game earlier called Forge of Empires.

I enjoy strategy games like Age of Empires and Civilization that are set in the ancient times with a little touch of fantasy-like setting. Therefore, I gave Elvenar a try and I quite enjoy the gameplay. You can create majestic buildings in your city, gather resources, explore the world map, and interact with other players.

2. Taonga: The Island Farm

If you’ve played Hay Day by Supercell before, you should be quite familiar with the gameplay of Taonga: The Island Farm developed by Volka Entertainment. In this game, you get to build your farm, grow crops, take care of animals, gather resources, and produce goods to trade with passing ships and neighboring villages (yeah, it’s multiplayer sorta.) Taonga is free to play. Some in-game items are available for purchase.


This browser game is similar to Draw Something or the traditional Pictionary. It’s the draw, guess, and win concept at play here. There are up to 10 people in this game. You get points when more players can guess your drawing and of course when your guess is correct. I usually play when I need to take a break from my digital drawing (spot the irony?) so I would just use my drawing tablet to play the game so I could draw more accurately.

4. Pokémon Showdown

When you have like less than 10 minutes break, you can jump straight into a random battle in this online battle simulator. The goal here is not really to catch the Pokemon but to beat them


Jump into and you’ll most likely never get out of it. Okay, just kidding. But this game is so addictive. It’s a snake game…or a worm game maybe? As you grow, all the other smaller ones will run into your body and make you bigger. Your goal is to be the longest snake of the day. No rewards, just an ego boost.

6. Browser Quest

There’s a set of quests in this browser game where you play a warrior. It’s an idle game where you pretty much just click around to fulfill the listed tasks.

 7. Spelunky HTML 5

If you enjoy digging treasures, Spelunky is the game for you. It involves cave exploration and treasure hunt. Each time you log in to play, the cave layout is different. The goal is to hunt for as many treasures as you can.

8. Navy Helicopter

Your mission as the helicopter pilot is to destroy all of the enemy helicopters and ships that are attacking your ship as well as rescuing drowning prisoners.

 9. Poki

This is definitely a big bonus because it’s not one game but more than 1000 games all in one platform. No downloads, logins or popups needed. There are some popular titles that you’re most likely heard of before including Subway Surfers, Minecraft Classic, Uno Online, Rodeo Stampede, and many more.


All right, those are the browser games I have for you. Have you or are you playing any interesting browser games that I miss out? Let me know in the comment section. I’ll check it out!