Image by SAIYED IRFAN A from Pixabay

While mobile gaming cannot fully replace the experience of playing games on PC or console, we cannot deny the fact that it’s growing really fast. I used to be a console gamer, then I turned to PC, switched back to console and now I’m mostly gaming on mobile as life gets busy. I’m flexible that way but I do know some hardcore PC gamers will not even touch console or mobile games. They think mobile gamers are not real gamers. I would say it depends really.

In my experience, it’s not about the platforms we game on but the passion for the art and appreciation of gaming in general. I wouldn’t call someone a gamer if they’re hooked on playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds every day. Just like you wouldn’t call someone a singer if they go to karaoke and scream on top of their lungs every day. If you pick up a game or two to play just to kill time and would switch to something else in an instant, you’re not really a gamer. What makes you a gamer is your appreciation of the gaming and gameplay in general.

 If you’re not a gamer yet (and you don’t have to be), I would recommend you try mobile games for a start. If you’re a gamer, I would urge you to give mobile gaming a consideration. Here are some reasons:

1. You can play anytime from anywhere

This is most probably the reason why mobile games are super popular. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and I bet people are using it more than just calling, texting, or taking photos. You can easily download any games and play it anytime no matter where you are.

2. It costs lesser

While good smartphones don’t come cheap, regular entry-level smartphones are good enough for you to play mobile games. You don’t need to get a PC, laptop, or consoles to play video games. Apart from the device itself, mobile games are also cheaper compared to PC and console games. Besides, most of them are either free or free-to-play. If you can control your spending in-game for free-to-play games, you’re good to go.

3. The setup and gameplay is simpler for non-gamers

Downloading an app from App Store and Google Play is a no-brainer if you compare to setting up your PC or game console. This means that your grandparents can easily download Candy Crush or Tetris to their mobile phones and begin playing instantly. Mobile games are also easier to understand and navigate. This brings us to the next point…

4. It brings people together

Since mobile games are accessible and easier to play for non-gamers, it can reach a wider audience. If your family or friends live apart from each other, mobile games can bring you guys “closer” together like how board games would from those days. It’s not that hard to convince your mom to play League of Legends with you as compared to asking her to play Rainbow Six Siege on PC. There are also games like Scrabble, Clash Royale, Tsum Tsum, or the good ol’ Candy Crush that you can enjoy with your non-gaming family and friends. More and more people are actually building relationships and creating new virtual communities worldwide simply from the common interests in mobile gaming.

5. Mobile gaming experience has been improving over the years

With better smartphones and gaming phones available, the mobile gaming experience will only get better each day. In fact, more and more PC games and console games are crossing over to include mobile versions as well. The graphic quality and gameplay performance have also improved tremendously over the years.

Mobile gaming has seen steady growth over the years and will continue to flourish. It’s great news for mobile game developers, investors, advertisers, gamers, and the industry as a whole. So, if you haven’t tapped into mobile gaming, you should give it a go. If you’ve played some, what are your thoughts? Any favorite games?