Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game launched back in June 2018 by American game studio InnerSloth. It has only gained popularity this year thanks to Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris.  In Among Us, players are assigned either crewmates or imposters. If you’re the crewmates, your role is to complete a series of tasks to maintain the space ship you’re on while the imposters’ role includes sabotaging the spaceship and killing the crewmates.

Among Us reignited my love for social deduction games and the fact that it’s an online game makes it more interesting as I don’t have to assemble family and friends physically to play with me. I remember 10 years ago I was addicted to a game we called The Killer, a slightly different version based on the Mafia or The Werewolves game. It was introduced to us by a friend at a gathering and we would play it almost every time during our weekly meetup. I’ll share the details of how it’s played at the end of this post. But if you have not a clue how the social deduction game is played, you can scroll down to read it first.

While I still enjoy the classic “close your eyes” game, Among Us is an amazingly popular game that I cannot put down for a few reasons. For a start, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I can play it anytime, anywhere. The gameplay in Among Us is also more engaging because it’s more than just trying to figure out who the imposters are. You don’t sit around idly waiting to be killed or waiting to vote who you think are the imposters. In Among Us, you have specific tasks you can complete to win the game even after you get killed by the imposter. The same goes for the imposters. They don’t walk around, looking for victims to kill. They’re also assigned tasks to sabotage the spaceship such as turning off the lights, cut off communications, or case a reactor meltdown. On top of that, they can quickly travel to another location using the vents in the room, thereby avoiding any suspicious from crewmates that happen to locate a dead body.

Anyone can call for an emergency meeting if they find something suspicious or seen a dead body. The imposter can also call for a meeting as a distraction. You can only begin talking (PC Version) or chat (mobile version) during meetings. This is where you’ll discuss among yourself and cast your votes on who is/ are the imposters that should be ejected from the spaceship. If you vote correctly and have the imposter(s) kicked out, the crewmates win. If most of the crewmates are either killed or voted out with the imposters remaining on the spaceship, the imposters win.

Whether you’re assigned the role of a crewmate or an imposter, you need to cultivate trust among the players because your sole mission is not to be voted off and get kicked out of the spaceship. If you’re a crewmate, watch where everyone is going while completing your tasks without getting killed. If you’re an imposter, you need to sneak around and make sure you can perform your evil tasks without leaving behind evidence.

If you could see the charm in the simplicity of Among Us, you can give it a go and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s free on mobile with an option to remove ads and it’s super affordable on PC.

Now, let me dive into the details of how The Killer Game is played…

The Killer Party Game

There was no complicated setup. All you need is a deck of poker cards that you’ll use for assigning roles to players. You’ll need a gamemaster as the Host, who will be the one laying out the rules, handing out the cards to players, and initiating the gameplay. The roles for this game are:

  • Killer (receives the King card): The one who will kill the other players each round.
  • Spy (receives the Jack card): The one who will guess who’s the Killer each round.
  • Doctor (receives the Ace card): The one who will save the supposedly murdered player.
  • Citizens (receive any numbered cards): Idle players who either get killed or survive to be able to vote.

Oh! We also have the Ghosts, the players that are killed and they’re out of the game. They can only observe and cannot speak to reveal any hints on who’s the Killer.

How It’s Played

  1. Basically, the game begins with everyone picking a card to know their respective role. Once everyone has seen their own card, they need to place the card down without revealing it to others.
  2. The Host will now ask everyone to close their eyes and call for the Killer to open his/ her eyes. Whoever who received the King card will open his/ her eyes while everyone’s eyes remain close.
  3. The Host will ask, “Who do you want to kill?” The Killer will then point to one person who will be killed and when the Host nodded, the Killer will close his/ her eyes.
  4. The Host will then call for the Doctor and ask, “Who would you like to save?” Now you see, the Doctor wouldn’t know which player was selected to be killed by the Killer, so he/ she will randomly make the best guess and point to one player. When the Host nodded in acknowledgment, the Doctor will close his/ her eyes.
  5. The Host finally will call for the Spy and ask, “Who do you think it’s the Killer?” Now the Spy will point to the one person he/ she thinks is the Killer. The Host will nod if the Spy is right and shakes his/ her head if the Spy is wrong.
  6. The Host will then ask everyone to open their eyes. If the Doctor did save the right person selected by the Killer, the Host will announce, “We have good news. Nobody is killed.” If the Doctor didn’t save the right person, the Host will announce, “We have bad news. Someone is dead.” The Host will then take away the card of the player who’s dead. This player will become the Ghost with no speaking and voting rights.
  7. The Host will give them players about 2 minutes to discuss among themselves who they think it’s the Killer. So this is where the fun begins with a few scenarios most likely to take place…
    • The Doctor will know he/ she save the correct person if nobody dies which also means he/ she is convinced the person saved is not the Killer. They can argue on behalf of the innocent player assuming other players believe the Doctor is in fact a Doctor and not a Killer trying to disguise himself/ herself in another role.
    • If the Spy guesses the Killer correctly, he or she can try to convince the other players to vote the Killer out. However, will the other players believe the Spy is in fact a Spy or a Killer in disguise?
    • Other players who have the role of Citizens can only play a guessing game as to who’s the Killer and cast their vote.
    • The Killer can lie through their teeth to remain in the game. They’ll take a bigger risk if they were cornered into claiming they’re either the Spy or Doctor to save themselves. In the next round, they need to be able to kill off the Spy or the Doctor. In fact, if they manage to kill the Spy or the Doctor in the first round, that’ll be ideal but there was no way of the Killer to know who is who until at least the discussion happens.
  8. Once the 2-minutes discussion time is up, the Host will ask the players to cast their vote by pointing from one player to another. Unlike Among Us where you can skip voting, every player in this game must vote someone out.
  9. The Host will then count the votes and the player with the most votes will be executed as the Killer. If the players got it right, the Host will flip the card to reveal the Killer. If the players voted for the wrong person, the Host will take away the card without revealing it and the Host will ask everyone to close their eyes indicating that the game continues and the Killer hasn’t been caught.
  10. If the game is down to three people including the Killer, the Killer wins.