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Jacqueline May 2019
I’m a serial entrepreneur, writer, and designer. I’m a social introvert who enjoy having a cuppa coffee with like-minded people. I love dogs and I have two adorable Schnauzers.

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been blogging since 2009 on various topics since I found it difficult to commit myself to one specific field or interest. After years of struggling to “focus”, I finally came into terms with the fact that I’m a multipotentialite (someone with many interests and creative pursuits as defined by Emilie Wapnick) So now instead of trying to fit into the mould of the society to niche down or become a specialist, I’m letting myself loose and to be free to explore whatever “interests and creative pursuits” that I may have.

About Me

I’m originally from Klang. Lived there for 19 years, moved to university campus in another town to pursue my Bachelor and Master degrees, then moved back when my student life was over. I only moved to Kuala Lumpur after few years of working, lived there for about 3 years, then moved back again to Klang to manage my family business. It went bonkers so I started my own business and eventually moved out of my hometown again. Yeah, I moved a lot and I can’t promise you I won’t be moving again.

I’ve spend most of my professional life being a training consultant, both as an employee and a consultant. After leaving the corporate scene in 2011, I ventured in many different businesses selling products and services via retail as well as e-commerce. Along the way, I’ve picked up many new skills, gained new knowledge and went through countless detours.

I’m currently doing my Doctorate in Business Administration with my major in Marketing. I’m trained in instructional design, NLP and MBTI. If you wish to learn more details about my professional life, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

About this Blog

This is really a lifestyle cum business blog with a little bit of my personal life oozing into it. This blog documents an ongoing journey of mine in pursuit of many interesting projects where I share practical resources to boost productivity and personal development.

I’m a minimalist, an advocate for toxin free living and a coffee addict. If you’re also like me or embarking soon into a pretty similar lifestyle, I hope you find this blog helpful.

As for those who would like to connect with me and find out more about my other creative pursuits, please feel free to follow me on Instagram where it’s sort of like a microblog to me. Who knows? We probably share similar interests.

On the side note, I am a Malaysian blogger. Although English is my first language, I’m not a native speaker so pardon my language.

Please feel free to comment on my posts if you agree, disagree or just need to correct my Grammar. Let’s make it thought-provoking so we can learn from each other. Also, a gentle reminder to be respectful towards each other and have fun!

Disclosure Policy

This blog is written and managed by Jacqueline Teo (me). The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong to me unless stated otherwise. No images or content can be used without written permission. contains affiliate links, which means that I will earn commission if you choose to make a purchase. This sales commission comes at no additional cost to you. You could even enjoy a better discount if you use my affiliate links (applicable to certain products only.)

I recommend the products and services mostly because I’ve either used them or have done enough research that I find them useful. Unless you have any needs or feel that they can help you achieve your goals, please do not spend money on them.

If you decide to make a purchase, I would like to thank you for your support. Every little bit helps me in spending more time and resources to come up with useful content. Please let me know if you have have any questions about the products or services you purchase, I’d be glad to answer them.