Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I have to admit that there has been numerous changes of directions of my blog simply because I’m interested in so many things.

I’m a laid back person who enjoys domesticated activities such as reading, writing, gardening, cooking and cleaning. I love animals…well, not all animals though, otherwise I would be a vegan. Hah. I have one adorable guinea pig and two Schnauzers named Coffee and Tydus.

About this Blog

What can you expect from a personal blog? It’s going to be all about me!

Okay, just kidding…but not really. Yes, it’s pretty much going to be about me but I hope it’s really about you, the readers. This blog documents an ongoing journey of mine as a small business owner and freelancer. If you’re also like me or embarking soon into a pretty similar lifestyle, I hope you find this blog helpful.

In 2017, I’ve ventured into minimalism cos you know, life can be pretty stressful so I’m just looking to declutter everything that doesn’t serve a purpose. I’m also an advocate for a natural and healthy living. I believe prevention is better than cure.

My Background

I’ve always been a marketer and currently, I’m doing my doctoral dissertation on eWOM and online shopping behaviour. I’m a certified training professional (CTP). I used to be an instructional designer and training coordinator where I organized and developed training programmes for corporations until I left the industry to focus on my business. I’m also certified in NLP and trained in MBTI, so I do enjoy discussing anything related to it.

In 2011, I walked away from the corporate world and into the unknown world of entrepreneurship where I started from scratch. With little or no capital to begin with, I took up random freelance work while working hard on my business. I invested mostly my time and effort which some may refer to it as sweat equity.

Disclosure Policy

This blog is written and managed by Jacqueline Teo (me). The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong to me unless stated otherwise. No images or content can be used without written permission. This blog may contain affiliate links to various affiliate programs in which commission is made from links clicked and/or purchase made by you with no additional costs to you.