There are 7 shelter lands added to the LifeAfter’s seamless map. Each Shelter Land has its own unique camp scenery and its very own landmark. The weather and terrain of each lands result in different plants and animals exclusive to the lands. The NPCs’ clothing will also be matched to the season and environments.

Location: Snow Highlands

Players can gather precious matsutake and encounter leisurely yaks.

Location: Sand Castle

Location: Lesins Port

Location: Mouth Swamp

The mysterious angel goddess oversees the Swamp Shelter Land

Location: Redwood Town

Location: St. Rona

There are monuments of meritorious deeds that record the history of man’s brave resistance to natural disasters.

Location: Charles Town

Shelter Land Showdown

In order to take control of the Shelter Land, 10 camps from the final 16 in the Charles Town clash will be invited to join the Shelter Land Showdown. This is a cross-server battle where up to 4 servers will be divided into one combat zone. There are 40 camps in each combat zone where 5 winners will earn the rights to control the shelter lands.

The event will take place from Feb 8th to Feb 10th where a round of knockout matches will take place daily. During the knockout matches, 2 camps on each side of the battle map will earn battle points by killing the opposing camp and strongholds. The first camp to obtain the required number of battle points will win.

There will be a world boss appearing daily at 11.00 a.m. Survivors of each server must work together to kill it. The top 4 servers that are able to defeat the boss in the quickest time will win helicopters for the camp that represent their server in the Shelter Land Showdown, which will provide an advantage in the occupation battles.