Life After’s major update in Season 3 (November 7th. 2020) includes the merging of all maps into one seamless map accessible to players in various forms of transportation.

Currently, there are a total of 38 maps with 7 maps yet to be unlocked. This is an overview of the map guide which is a work-in-progress and will be gradually updated. I have included information on the Assistance Quests, Map Exploration, and Resources available on each map.

The maps that I’ve explored will include images. I hope this tiny bit of effort from my end could help especially for those who just started playing this game. Otherwise, the exploration of these maps is pretty straightforward and simple because they already have pointers to guide you in-game.

Pact Zone Resource Level Recommended Combat Level Overview
Hope 101 N/A N/A A safe haven for all survivors. The starting point of all.
Clear Sky Wheat Field 1 1 – 5 People are rebuilding and replanting the burnt ruins, believing that one day the sunny day will sweep away the gloom and pains
Fall Forest 1 3 – 7 An immense forest covered with red leaves and abundant in natural resources. However, Infected activity will suddenly increase at night, so be careful!
Summer Rain Highway 1 6 – 10 An area with a highway running through the middle of it. Lots of abandoned cars are scattered across it.
Assyrian Hills 2 11 – 15 Composed of low rolling hills that are not very rugged.
Blade Hunter Base 2 13 – 17 A closed-off area occupied by many Infected.
Assyrian Grassfield 2 16 – 20 A place with thick weeds that cover the entire area.
Galaxy Valley 3 21 – 25 Among these steep mountains, there’s a bottomless abyss under Dobre Valley.
Utz Mine 3 21 – 25 A place that holds rich mineral resources
Mount Snow 3 26 – 30 The land is occupied by the Imperium.
Polar Tjaele 3 26 – 30 A flat land covered in snow with a few rocks poking out
Snow Highlands 3 28 – 32 A cold region that snows all year round. You must wrap up warm if you plan to go there!
River Area 4 31 – 35 Now, this place has become home for local refugees and vagrants. The inhabitants are very suspicious of outsiders.
Wolf-hunting Field 4 33 – 37 Brimming with wolves all year round. More and more hunters come here to hunt wolves after weapons become abundant.
Miska Town 4 38 – 42 This former posh neighbourhood is now a shelter for refugees. How times have changed.
Black Pearl Area 4 41 – 45 A posh neighbourhood that was abandoned due to the infection outbreak. Now all of its buildings are in ruins.
Twin Ways City 5 48 – 52 The town area is swarmed with Infected that will charge at you in groups. Be careful of the Imperial soldiers along the coast as well as their snipers.
Mount Apparition 5 51 – 55 This is the site of the famous prison “Baydouin.” The majority of the time, this place is no different from the others, but sometimes you’ll see an unearthly shadow there.
Lesins Port 5 51 – 55 An abandoned island. Some distinctive buildings on it still remain intact.
Redwood Town 5 53 – 57 Fertile land with lots of farms, flat terrain and abundant resources. However, there are various factions vying for control here. You’ll need to deal with them carefully.
Santopany 5 56 – 60 A lost tropical island which was a leisure resort in the Old World. However, it’s dilapidated and in ruins now.
Swamp Border 6 61 – 65 The swamp area bordering the periphery of other regions.
Mouth Swamp 6 63 – 67 A complex terrain of swamps, jungles and valleys, where toxic gas and dangerous creatures are a constant threat.
Mouth Town 6 66 – 70 A gigantic pit caused by an explosion. The buildings around almost fell into ruins. You’ll find the refugees subsist there, although plants and animals are scarce.
Lawrence Bay 6 68 – 72 An abandoned port area where crowds of the Infected wander around.
Desolate Desert 7 71 – 75

With its poor climate and scarce resources, it’s a land that’s rarely traveled.

The map is heavily guarded with Guardians. If you’re with the Bandit faction, you may want to be cautious.

Barren Wilds 7 73 – 77

Wide flat land, stretching into the horizon. You’ll find nothing but rubble there.

The map is heavily guarded with Bandits. If you’re with the Guardian faction, you may want to be cautious.

Sand Castle 7 76 – 80 The environment in the desert is harsh. Always remember to avoid sandstorms!
Silent Plain 7 78 – 82 An area with a gently rolling terrain that is good for gathering resources.
Levin City 8 80 – 100 “Morality and Responsibility” was the motto of the Mayor of Levin City. He engraved the words on the base of the Valkyrie Statue, wishing to protect Levin City with these two words in mind.
Levin City’s Dawn District 8 80 – 100 The long night will greet the dawn. Survivors live here and pin their hopes on it.
St. Rona 8 86 – 90 A place with a volcano where Infected can be found everywhere.
Gatey Woods 9 91 – 95 Lush woods and meadows.
Redwater Lake 9 91 – 95 Red water used to flow under this lake before but up until this day, no one knows why.
Mount Gray Bear 9 93 – 97 A place with pleasant weather but also an ideal habitat for gray bears.
Vina Snow Park 9 93 – 97 You’ll find thick snow here. It looks so beautiful under the sun!
Christmas Village 9 95 – 100 It’s said that Santa Claus has appeared here. Used to be one of the most festive places during Christmas.
Old Port High School N/A N/A

Location Quest: Death High

Third Church University is located in the freeport of Hokuriku. Established in the 15th century, it had many scholars who supported the different trends of thought.

Locked Maps

  • Jakolin Peak
  • Scarlet Woods
  • Howling Pass
  • Silent Woods
  • Flen College Town
  • Annis Range
  • New Coastal City