Genshin Impact’s side quests appear randomly throughout the journey of the traveler in Teyvat. For this one, we came into an eerie village as described by Paimon.

There’s an old man in his apparition form (a ghost) standing by the notice board. He won’t acknowledge you but he will present you with a side quest known as “The Tree Who Stands Alone” where you’ll need to look around the Mingyun village.

Quest Walkthrough

1. There’s no markings available on the map. You’ll need to look into the wooden house and you shall find a book inside. Interact with the lost notes inside.

2. Next, you’ll need to look for a piece of paper, which is the will, in 4 different locations. It’s located in the mine in the north, south, east, and west.  These locations are marked for you.

3. When you locate the piece of paper, an apparition will appear.

4. After you collect all 4 wills, there’s a marked location on top of the hill where you’ll see a large tree with red leaves. Under the tree, there’s a treasure chest buried. Dig up the chest.