The creative industry is ever-changing. That’s a given since we can’t really pull a hand-brake when creative juices come pouring out of our brains. So to keep ourselves updated with the current trends and news in the art and design world, we turn to the Internet! While it’s the most convenient, we can’t exactly give up on magazines, especially those that are still in print. It’s not just the same looking at these amazing visual arts on screen. On top of that, the best part about these creative magazines is that the content (even in the back-issues) can always be relevant to us as the source of inspiration particularly when we hit a creative block. I personally enjoy collecting back-issues of magazines.

In this post, I present to you a curated selection of high-quality art and design magazines that are tailored for artists and designers on a global scale. If you’re the type of person who prefers to hold something in your hand, slowly flipping through for visual inspiration, be sure to pick one up at your nearest newsstand or subscribe. Most of them come in digital format as well if you prefer it.

Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine is an established graphic design and visual art magazine established since 1990. Based in London, the magazine’s visually stunning pages include insights on design writing,  opinion pieces, interviews with industry leaders, and more.

Frequency: Quarterly

Format: Print


Wallpaper is a design and lifestyle magazine founded in 1996. Its topics extend beyond just graphic design, covering architecture design, photography, artworks, and more. While it’s not entirely on graphic design, it’s a great source of inspiration for all designers alike.

Frequency: Monthly

Format: Digital and Print

Communication Arts

First established in 1959, this magazine a 3-generation family-run business. The magazine covers various creative disciplines which include graphic design, advertising, illustration, and photography.

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Format: Digital and Print (available on their website)

Digital Arts

Magazines that are tailored towards all aspects of digital and visual arts.


One of the most well-known art and design magazine on the market. ImagineFX has been around for over a decade with its first issue which came out in January 2006. The topics covered can be pretty vast including character design, game artwork, visual development art, animation, comic art, and the list goes on.

Frequency: Monthly (with 1 bonus issue) | 13 issues/ year

Format: Digital and Print

3D World

3D World is the ideal magazine for all CG artists and creatives who loves 3D modeling and rendering. It covers news and tutorials on animation, games, and VFX.

Frequency: Monthly (1 bonus issue | 13 issues/ year)

Format: Digital and Print

Traditional Arts

These magazines focus on traditional art which includes pencil drawing, oil and watercolour painting as well as other physical mediums of creative arts.

Artists Magazine

The Artists Magazine is one of the most affordable magazines out there. However, its content focuses more on experienced artists and painters. While you can still enjoy the magazine as a beginner, you may not find many relevant instructional materials.

Frequency: Monthly

Format: Digital and Print

Artists & Illustrators

Artists & Illustrators magazine covers practical painting advice and inspiration for those who enjoy oils and watercolours painting. Every issue contains expert advice and how-to guides by experienced artists.

Frequency: Monthly

Format: Digital and Print

Watercolor Artist

Watercolor Artist comes with beautiful prints of watercolor paintings which also include tutorials for both beginners and experienced artists. I would recommend that you go for print issues if you’re in the US as the price difference is very minor. 

Frequency: Bi-monthly (6 issues per year)

Format: Digital and Print