Hi guys, how’s it going? Hope you had a great month. It was good for me in the beginning but towards the end of the month, the COVID cases in my country have been increasing to the point that it hit 432 yesterday, the highest ever. Of course, in comparison with some other countries, our cases here are considered pretty low but we’ve been doing so well for the past two months bringing the cases down to 2-digits. We’re now prepared for the lockdown to happen again soon.

Research on the Gaming Industry

I’ve been doing a lot of research on various topics of gaming. While it’s mainly my interests, I’m also writing my doctoral dissertation on the business perspective of the gaming industry. People, in general, may not pay much attention to video games but there are so many related areas that we could study on including psychology, sociology, culture, arts, business, etc. I’m sure there are more that I haven’t come across yet.

To begin with, I saved a couple of books about video games in my Scribd app. While there are not many books out there written on this industry, it’s more than enough for me at this moment. I managed to dive into only 3 books as I usually do in a month. Check out the “Books I Read” section below for the ones I’ve read.

Life After Game Guide

In September, I’ve spent the majority of my time putting together a more proper game guide for my favourite mobile game. It was bit and pieces here and there that I posted in this blog but I’ve structured them properly for ease of viewing. Some are still work in progress but nothing gives me greater joy than to work on this during my free time. Do people even write a game guide as a hobby? I’m not even a pro gamer, to begin with but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned from the game with others. It’s sort of a way to improve my own gameplay. If you play the game and would like to check out the game guide, feel free to.

Authored by JacQ Jacqable

I revived my personal blog and renamed it to Authored by JacQ, then changed to Jacqable in November. Being a multipotentialite, it’s really hard to stick to just one or two topics. I also don’t want to blog about my domesticated life in this blog since it’s likely not going to be relevant to most of you. Besides, I have this category for brief updates already anyway. I’m mentioning this because it’s one project I worked on in September. If you would like to check it out, feel free to do so.

Books I Read in September

Replay: The History of Video Games

by Tristan Donovan

This book is the ultimate history of video games, recounting the origins all the way back to 1940s. Apart from that, this is a well-researched book by the author with over 140 interviews. If you’re not passionate about the gaming industry, you may find this book boring. On other hand, if you’re like me, you’ll be fascinated with the stories on the rise and fall of Atari, Japan’s rapid ascent to the top of the gaming hierarchy, the groundbreaking impact of Doom.

Lost In A Good Game: Why We Play Video Games And What They Can Do For Us

By Pete Etchells

This was a pretty interesting audiobook that I listened to because it’s actually a personal account of the author when he immersed himself in video games at the age of 14 after the death of his father. It’s very personal as he journeys through the history and development of video games by injecting his own experiences. The author also touches on the issues of the psychological effects of gaming and our relationship with the virtual world.

Prepare to Meet Thy Doom: And More True Gaming Stories

by David Kushner

Have you read Masters of Doom? I haven’t! But I stumbled upon this audiobook is from the very same author so I thought I’ll listen to this first. It’s a compilation of true gaming stories. For seasoned gamers or those who have been reading about video games for years may find this book boring as they’ve most likely have read the tales compiled here. However, it’s pretty new to me as prior to this, I hardly follow any gaming related news.