Greetings from my cave! Welcome to my Artistic Journey Entry No. 4!

Ever since we were able to move to the new place, the Movement Control Order by our government was pretty much non-existent. We were in the phase of Restricted Movement Control Order so we have more freedom than usual. However, being a chicken shit that I am and not wanting to put my family at risk, I only go out once or twice a week to run some errands. I spend most of the time in my home studio which I often refer to as my cave. What was I up to in the month of July?

The Art in Gaming

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing Life After in order for me to be able to write and update some game guides. Life After has such amazing graphics that I can’t help but to screenshot all the beautiful scenes I stumbled upon in-game. I’m currently compiling and editing the screenshots in which I’ll upload to a gallery here in this blog some time next month.

As someone who recently just begin drawing again, it can be pretty overwhelming to create my own characters. I could really use the scenes and characters in my favourite game for my drawing practice in the form of fan arts.

I Write in Medium

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I have not gotten any luck to build an audience. It’s my fault really. I don’t have a niche because I’m a multipotentialite with many interests. I’ve never been consistent in my writing. I’m also too lazy to collect emails and send out newsletters. I have no excuses. It’s my own doings that this blog is not as successful as I want it to be.

Came 2020 and I decided to just use it as my art journal as well as dedicate a section to my favourite mobile game, Life After. So what happened to all the blog posts that I’ve been writing for a decade on business and personal development?

Well, I edited and updated them one by one and began posting them to Medium. One of the publications in the Medium platform, The Startup, liked one piece I wrote about coffee shop etiquette and asked that I submitted it for their review. Voila! They accepted me as their writer so I’m able to publish my future articles on their platform. I’m excited because what they want is right up my alley as a solopreneur who works from home for many years.

Okay, what does publishing my articles in Medium means for my artistic journey? Idea generation of course! Writing is a form of art too! The more I review the old stuff I wrote and coming up with new pieces to be published, I can visualize scenes in my head better somehow.

Books I Read in July

Creative Pep Talk: Inspiration from 50 Artists

By Andy J. Miller and Brandon Rike

Remember the podcast Creative Pep Talk podcast that I mentioned in my previous post as one of my favourite? I was thrilled to find the book itself is in my recommended list. This book is a great companion if you just need to browse through in your free time to get some inspiration. It’s also nicely illustrated. It features amazing creatives like Aaron James Draplin, Oliver Jeffers, Lisa Congdon (one of my faves), Mike Perry, and many others.

Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative

By Danielle Krysa and Martha Rich

This is a true life-saver for me. I wouldn’t be able to move forward with my artistic journey if I don’t first silence the inner critic in me. My self-doubt is precisely the thing that has been making me inconsistent. This book is filled with practical exercises and useful thoughts from successful creatives that we self-doubters can truly instill in our creative journey.

Keeping Sketchbooks

By Martin Ursell

You’d be surprise how something so simple as keeping a sketchbook or a journal or an organizer can be so daunting that we need a book to guide us on that. But yes, that’s exactly what I was going through for years. I have OCD and therefore, it’s always a struggle. This book comes with practical examples on how to enjoy keeping a sketchbook and putting them to good use. It gives me assurance and clarity in journaling as well. At least it tunes off my OCD voices.