My Young Living Journey

I've never had any allergies before. I was perfectly fine using commercial personal care products as they're affordable and readily available. I wasn't aware of the harmful chemicals used in those products. In June 2016, I started developing itchy patches on my arms. I thought it was due to stress or environment (my home is pretty dusty as it's near the main road.) I bought some steroid creams to apply on my arms and it helped a little. But after two days, it got worse as red bumps started appearing on my thighs, waist, neck, and feet. I went to the doctor and I was told I was suffering from a severe case of eczema. I was given some medications. There was no improvement as these itchy bumps continue to develop all around my back. Some parts of my skins started to dry off and cracks. It was excruciating taking showers with my body covered in red bumps and cracked skins. It was such a painful ordeal.

I started reading up on eczema and how I need to replace all the skincare products that I use that might have triggered it. I bought organic homemade soaps and body butter that contain no harmful chemicals. Gradually my skins were improving. When I begin to use the natural skincare products, my skins clear up eventually from red bumps and rashes.

Since it helped me so much, I begin to research on DIY skincare products that I can easily make at home so I know the exact ingredients I use. A lot of DIY recipes mentioned the use of essential oils so I begin to read up on the benefits and the use of essential oils. I saw a friend's Instagram post on a Raven essential oil she was giving out and I commented on it. She sent me an FB message later on telling me more about essential oils and the rest is history.

I purchased a starter kit from Young Living and loved it. I didn't intend to do this as a business but I simply can't imagine not sharing and educating others to live a life free of harmful chemicals when it has helped me so much. So here you can either find out more about the benefits of essential oils or the business as well.


Savvy Oilers are a team of Young Living independent distributors led by a Platinum ranked leader, Penny Choong. Our team leaders consist of business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and even educators. With our team support and the support system we have in place, this is the ideal team to join if you wish to accelerate your success in Young Living.

Penny Choong aka MoneyPenny, an entrepreneur and financial expert training on financial literacy, debt management, investments, taxes and much more. She's our Platinum leader and has done a great many things to support the growth of Savvy Oilers.

Kit is a NLP Master Trainer, writer, publisher, social entrepreneur and an amazing personal development coach. Together with Penny, she's the backbone of our team. We owe a great deal of our growth and success to her wonderful guidance and teachings in both business and personal development.

These are my family members who are in the business with me. Adrena runs her own F&B business and Rein is a professional makeup artist who is also currently a male hair-stylist (she works at premium barber shop.)