Who are Homepreneurs and What do They Do?

Homepreneur is not a term you find in dictionary, at least not yet. It’s a combination of the word “home” and “entrepreneur” to describe an individual who start one or more businesses, self run or manage by a small group of people (usually family or friends) from their home.

Homepreneurs are on the rise right now but they are often mistaken as freelancers or entrepreneurs. I’m a homepreneur myself but in the beginning I did have a little bit of identity crisis as well. I did started off as a freelancer when I left employment. I was self-employed, hired by a couple of companies to handle some random projects here and there.

Slowly, I transitioned to be more of a business owner. I started my company and begin to offer products and services to my clients. Still sound like a freelancer right? Only not because freelancers are self-employed. They have limited resources where they get paid only when they work. They also work alone while I don’t anymore.

Initially when I started my company, I called myself an entrepreneur but later on I realised I’m not exactly inventing something new or coming up with a breakthrough idea. I innovate and improve business processes so that I get more things done with lesser work and time involved. I handle the business operations and marketing, my partner handle the finances and logistics and for everything else, we outsourced it to our trusted vendors. My partner and I work on our business from the comfort of our own home.

So there, we’re not exactly freelancers or entrepreneurs, we’re homepreneurs. Oh, in addition to all that, we have passive income generated from our business which means that we can afford to take off anytime we want and still have our basic living expenses covered.

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