Useful Websites to Learn for Free


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Web surfing doesn’t have to be meaningless. I’ve spent a hell lot of time browsing random sites when I’m not particularly busy. While I used to waste my time hooked to things that aren’t exactly useful, I gradually came to realization that I shouldn’t be a mindless web-surfer. That was when I started exploring sites that I could learn new skills and it was mind-boggling what I found. I even thought to myself I never had to go to school at all if Internet was like this in 1991.

You may or may not have come across these amazing sites. If you haven’t, do check them out if you’re looking to learn some new skills.



I’ve always wanted to learn French but very often I gave up pretty quickly. Duolingo, however, got me going. It’s free, simple and practical. It’s also available for iOS and Android where you can learn a new language wherever you are, whenever you want.



Khan Academy is a non-profit organization on a mission to provide free world class education. You can learn for free, contribute as a coach or donate to help them keep this important mission going. If you’re a parent, you can encourage your children in school to enhance their learning here. They can even try the test prep before they sit for their SAT/ MCAT/ GMAT.



iTunes U is my favourite place to listen to all the lectures and podcasts from the top universities around the world. This is by far, to me, the best thing Apple did for students around the world. You’re free to learn any courses you want from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and all these top universities for free!



If you’re into creative skills, I would highly recommend Tuts+. While I signed up classes to learn Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, I was taught the basic stuff. Tuts+ enhances my existing skills. Besides design and illustration, you can also learn to code, web design, photography, motion graphics, and many other categories you can explore. There are also premium courses available where you can pay a small fee to learn it.



W3Schools is filled with tutorials to teach you web development which include HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, and XML. They even have a built-it editor you can try it for yourself and display the results after you submit the code.