Just type “How to lose a certain amount of kg in a certain amount of time” in Google and you’ll get bombarded with thousands of diet plans or workout tips. Some work, some don’t. There are just too many things to remember.

As for me, I don’t really want the hassle of counting calories all the time or to remember what I should or shouldn’t eat. Also, I don’t want to be bogged down with the number of hours I need to workout and the types of workout I need to do. Trust me, I’ve tried some diet programmes but I just didn’t have the discipline to follow through. It just made me miserable.

So along with my few “lazy” but fit-wannabes friends, we came up with simple ways to slim down without even trying. No spending thousands of dollars on weight management programmes and no calories counting. We’re not dieticians or fitness instructors so our simple tricks are really based on common sense. Make it a habit and we hope it helps you shed some extra kilos without too much of an effort.


Trick 1: Drink one or two glasses of water before every meal.

We all know that water is good for us and it definitely helps fill up our stomachs before we start shoving food into our mouth. Water has no calories too so drink up! Oh, one more thing, drink iced water also help to speed up our metabolism but I personally think too much iced water is not good for us.


Trick 2: Indulge in Your Tsum Tsum addiction

Based on a research in the journal Appetite, playing video games can somehow reduce the frequency of cravings rather than just waiting it out. It distracts us from thinking about food. I can testify to this. I used to miss meals or snack times when I was so into Playstation back then.


Trick 3: Add healthy appetizers before your main meal

It’s best if we could eat cut fruits before our meal. When your dish comes served with salad, go for it first. You may already feel satisfied when you’re ready to munch on the rest or you would most probably end up leaving the greens untouched if you were too full eating the half chicken.


Trick 4: Engage in fun physical activities rather than exercise.

Not all of us enjoy exercising. The thought of a jog in the park or run on the treadmill is exhausting enough, let alone doing reps with the dumbbells and countless numbers of sit-ups. Owh! If you’re one of these people who dread exercising, think of any other fun activities you can do rather. You can play sports like football, basketball, badminton, or tennis. You can also go swimming, dancing or even walk your dogs!


Trick 5: Go high protein and fibre snacks

You don’t need to give up snacking if you enjoy it just to lose a few pounds. You just need to make a tiny adjustment on your selection of snacks. Go for snacks that are packed with protein and fibre. They’re usually pretty filling and also healthier. Some examples include kale chips, fruit smoothies, low fat ice-cream, edamame, sweet potato fries, chickpeas and popcorns.


Trick 6: Use Smaller Plates to Shrink or Properly Portion Your Food

When you have a huge bowl and a plate that’s like 12 inches wide, you’ll tend to want to fill it up with food. In a test conducted by Dr. Brian Wansink from Cornell, it is found that people do serve more and eat more with larger plates. It gives us the illusion that it’s not enough if we don’t fill the plates. Therefore, go for 8-inch or 10-inch plates to scale down the portion of your food.


Trick 7: Sharing is caring…for your figure.

Instead of pricing their food items a little lower, some restaurants these days would rather serve you monstrous proportions to justify the prices you’re paying. Whenever I eat out with my friends, most of us feel so stuffed at the end of the day that we couldn’t even try any desserts even if we wanted to. That’s why it’s always a good idea to share. Order your meal and ask for an empty plate so you can share your portion.


Trick 8: Opt for beverages without added sugar or unsweetened

Sugar is one of the biggest culprit that not only cause us to put on weights but also lead us to a lot of health complications if we consume it excessively. It’s best to cut sugar out as much as we can. You really don’t need sugar in your coffee and tea, not even juices as they already have natural sweetener.


Trick 9: Reward yourself with a small piece of dark chocolate.

If you’re a sweet tooth, you need to pamper yourself once in a while. If you cut them out, it really defeat the whole purpose of “slimming down without even trying.” For those of you who love chocolate, you can go for dark chocolate like I do, which contains at least 70% cocoa and no dairy.


Trick 10: Eat light dinner 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed.

Eating heavy meal right before you sleep is going to upset your stomach. Also, you tend to get crazy hungry the next day as if you haven’t eaten for a day. It just messes up your digestion big time. That’s why it’s good to have a heavy breakfast but have a light dinner instead.


Trick 11: Sleep Your Weight Away

Lack of sleep causes you to be sluggish and depressed. On top of that, it makes you feel hungry all the time. Based on a study conducted by University of Michigan researcher who ran the numbers for a 2500 calories intake per day, an extra hour of sleep could help you lose about 6kg in a year.


Trick 12: Soup Up!

Soup is a great appetizer as it makes you feel full before your meal and curbs your appetite. Not those creamy mushroom soups which are high in calories though. We’re talking about broth-based minestrone, chicken soup or Chinese wanton soup.