I’m always a fun, loving and positive person but I do get depressed every now and then especially when I just came back from Cape Town and from scuba diving.

I’m glad to be home where I get to see my family and friends but I also left my dear friends back in Cape Town. I don’t know when I’ll see them again. It’s been three days and I’m suffering from a self imposed jet lag because I intentionally live in their time zone.

Well, I guess it’s time to come back to reality. I need to get started with my plans for 2012 now that I’m back. Before that, just want to share with you two more places we went before we fly home.


Our friend drove us to a spectacular place called Cape Point, where two oceans (Atlantic and Indian) meet. It was so windy when we were at the lighthouse and the view was simply marvelous!


It was really windy when we were at the top of the point. The view from up here was really awesome.


It was quite a walk up here. It was sunny and windy. I wish this place was more accessible without the long drive.


See that long stretch of road on the upper left size? That was where we parked the car. We walked quite a bit, then took the train up here.


On our second last day, they took us to Kirstenbosch to experience the Summer Concert where a famous South African band, Plush, was playing.


Picnic time!


Plush! I actually bought their album to show my support and had them signed it.