Every year I would write about my year in review and usually my focus was more on events that happened throughout the year rather than my insights of what happened and what I learned from it.

This time around, I’m going to do it differently. Instead of listing the events, I’m going to internalize and write about what I’ve learned in 2012.

For us to review the lessons we’ve learned in the past, it’s not necessary to go in details about the event itself. From what I’ve learned as a Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner, we need to acknowledge our emotions at the point of event and derive the positive outcomes from it rather than focusing on what’s holding you back. It’s all about letting go to move forward.

Here are a few lessons that I would like to highlight for 2012 that will make my 2013 a rather amazing year:

It’s Always a Good Time to Start Over

When you feel like you’re going nowhere, don’t just keep going. Stop and think. Reconsider your route. Don’t ever say, “It’s too late. I’ve spent all my time and money on this. I need to keep going.” You keep doing the same thing even though you’re not getting the results you want because you’re in your comfort zone. I learn to never be too comfortable with my problems or I’ll get nowhere. All the time, effort and money I’ve invested will only go to waste if I keep doing what is not giving me the results that I want.

Trust Your Inner Voice, Not People

I used to tell people that I trust this person and that person based on my past experiences with them. They’re trustworthy to me because they have integrity and they keep their words. But I realized this no longer is the case because people change based on their circumstances. I say this about myself as well. How I make decision today and tomorrow might be different. I may make a selfless one today and a selfish one tomorrow depending on my situation. That’s precisely why these days I trust my own instinct more than people. If I’m wrong, then I only have myself to blame.

There’s No Such Thing as Being Too Prepared

Things will still get screwed up whether you like it or not. This doesn’t mean you must not take risks. You should just focus on making the best out of every moments.

A friend recently told me she regret sleeping with a guy she dates so soon and that’s probably why he’s been neglecting her after getting what he wants. I told her that if a guy wants to be a jerk, he will be. It doesn’t matter if she sleeps with him on the first date or two years later. Besides, it’s always better to find out sooner than later. As long as she doesn’t get pregnant, had fun and didn’t feel like she was used, then all is good.

For the past few years, I’ve always try to prepare myself for everything. No matter how “perfect” I thought my plan was, something would come along and mess it all up for me. Then I get upset and tell myself that I should be more prepared. But I’m asking myself seriously this time around, “How prepared can one be?” So, instead of worrying too much, we should just move forward with our goals and change our routes along the way when we need to. Inaction gets us nowhere.

Be Grateful Everyday

A few months back before December 2012, some people told me that the end is near and we should start going to church and repent for our sins. Well, it’s a good thing they were doing so I didn’t want to discourage them but deep inside, I really wanted to tell them, “You hypocrite! You should worship God and be grateful to Him every single day because of this wonderful life and that you love Him no matter what. Not because the end is near and you fear His judgment.”

The question of “What’s next after I’m dead?” has been lingering for years but I’ve decided finally to leave it to God and worry about that later. For now, I’m just grateful by the day. Every morning when I wake up, I feel grateful to be given the opportunity to walk this earth as a human being and making a difference to others.

Another thing that hit me hard early this year when I turned 30 is how I’ve taken my parents for granted. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never cause my parents any major heartaches. But I know they’re constantly worried about me and my siblings. It’s our duty as children to make the best of our lives so that they can be proud.

Let’s face it. They’re not going to be here forever. If you have baby boomers as your parents, you could have them around for maybe another 15 – 20 years based on the average life expectancy.

Parents are the two people in our lives that we take granted for the most. If you’re not in good terms with your parents, it’s time to do something about it now before it’s too late. If you feel like you haven’t spend enough quality time with them, do it now.

Welcome 2013!

I don’t care if the world is going to end or not. What matters most is that I’m going to live my best life and make a positive difference with the people I care about.