The Need to Be Right

It’s typical of human nature that they need to prove themselves right. It’s the satisfaction derived from knowing they’re right regardless positive or negative.

Once I met someone who was so good at persuading me that he’s not good in sales. After our chat, I said to him, “Actually you ARE good in sales. You’ve sold me the idea that you can’t sell.”

At times, we should make the effort to let go of the need to be right especially when we’re holding a leadership role in our company. It doesn’t help to be ignorant towards others’ viewpoint. This will only cripple creativity in our team and put a barrier to honest feedback.

So often, we perceive other’s disagreement towards our ideas as a personal attack. While that may happen sometimes, that’s not always the case. We must remember that it’s not always about us or them. It’s best to stay open and calm, then seek clarity by asking questions respectfully.

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