The Best of You Movement was launched for the first time back in June 2014 by Julie’s. This movement encourages us to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and achievement in life and what or who brought out the best of us.

Stories can be submitted at The Best of You website, which will then be published and shared. There are hundreds of personal stories shared by individuals from all walks of life. Selected stories would be featured at their exhibitions in Malaysia and Singapore.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending The Best of You finale exhibition in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Malaysia. The opening started with an acapella performance, which was amazing.

After the performance, the movement consultant, Mr. Sai Tzy Horng, gave an opening speech.


On the far left is Mr. Sai Tzy Horng giving a tour around the exhibition to the media. Apart from the inspirational stories which you can read them at their website, I most enjoyed the featured works by local and international artists. Here are some of the work of arts that were my favourites:


Traditional coffee cup with classic stories and memories painted with coffee by Vivian Lees.


A portrait painted by Nazmi Ismail.


Paintings by Manje from Maldives.


This work of art is by Ma Chiu from Taiwan.


Safari animals made with leaves by Leafman.


Painted by Khairunissa ZA.


Painting by Fahmi Taib.


Illustrated by Caryn Koh.


Face mask by Bella.


Cool statue made out of cardboards.


Vintage items arrangement.


I thought this was an amazing decorative work.


Another work of art. Sadly, I didn’t pay attention to the artist behind amazing work.

The event is ongoing until November 1st, 2015 (Sunday) so please do check it out. You can get more updates from their Facebook.