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10 Coffee Shop Etiquette to Follow in the Mobile Age

As mobile workers who prefer to work in a café rather than the office, we’ve done our fair share of café hopping. So, we came across a few “funny” characters and behaviours that we wish to highlight here. Nope, we’re not here to judge. We broke a few “rules” here ourselves when you get too comfortable in the places you…

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3 Things Homepreneurs Wish Family and Friends Understood

If you’re a homepreneur, you could probably relate to this. While running our business from home have many advantages, there are some challenges other than the business itself. It can be quite emotionally draining having to deal with family and friends who don’t understand how we work.  There’s an article by Kevin Daum published in Inc.com with the title 6…

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Who are Homepreneurs and What do They Do?

Homepreneur is not a term you find in dictionary, at least not yet. It’s a combination of the word “home” and “entrepreneur” to describe an individual who start one or more businesses, self run or manage by a small group of people (usually family or friends) from their home. Homepreneurs are on the rise right now but they are often…

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