An area with a highway running through the middle of it. Lots of abandoned cars are scattered across it.

Resource Level: 1 | Recommended Combat Level: 6 – 10

Landmark (4)

Landmarks are locations where you’re required to take a photograph to earn your rewards.

1. Lumber Mill Hoist

2. Air Crash: You can take the picture without alerting the robbers if you sneak in but they’re fairly easy to defeat, plus you can explore the area for goodies.

3. Power Plant Gate: This area is swarmed with Infected on the road but you can easily capture the image from the elevated edge to prevent from being attacked.

4. Road End: Also swarmed with Infected walking about on the road. Climb onto one of the cars closest to the road end to capture the photo.


Chest (3)

These are large chests that you can hunt for rewards.

1. The Legacy: This chest is located inside a container. You should be able to spot it easily as other player had put an indication using a message board.

2. Supplies Left Behind: This place is roaming with Infected. Keep yourself off the ground and you should be all right.

3. Secret Chest: This is located at the gas station next to the evacuation helicopter.

Strong Infected

Abnormal Infected


Hardwood Vine


Iron Ore


Cast Iron Drill

Plant Root