Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself!

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We come across people who give excuses for not completing something or to get out of trouble or worse, to get away from their responsibilities and duties. But surprisingly, there are many people out there who are complaining about their current situation and yet giving excuses to stay in it even though there are many alternatives that they can consider. In short, they chose to victimize themselves.

They’re so comfortable staying where they are that they would rather not succeed than to risk failures. The fear of stepping out into the unknown seem to paralyze them more than their desire to achieve success in life.

Here are some common scenarios you might have come across when you’re dealing with these “victims”:

“There’s another two weeks before salary is out. I’m so broke!” but they still go on spending on unnecessary things and don’t make any effort at all to look at other opportunities that helps them earn more income. When asked, “What are you doing to do about it?” They will reply, “What can I do? I’ll just have to continue doing what I’m doing until an opportunity appear to me.” They can keep on dreaming but if they don’t get out of their comfort zones and grab that opportunities, they can very well stay that way forever: Broke and uninspired.

“My subordinates don’t respect me at all. He raised his voice at me!” but they are the ones allowing it to happen because instead of sitting the subordinate down for a heart-to-heart talk, they pretend like nothing happened the next day. What’s worse is that they ended up asking the subordinate for personal favor like a lift to work. If they demand respect, then earn it. Isn’t it hypocritical to complain and gossip about someone to others and then seen spending time with him just because it’s convenient? Integrity lost.

“My boss is so stupid. I’ve spend so much time and effort working on this project and she wants to change everything!” Stupid or not, they pay your salary or evaluate your performance. The moment you chose to work for someone, you chose to do as they say. If you’re lucky, you get an understanding and kind boss. If you’re not, find work elsewhere. If you can’t change them, you need to change your attitude towards them.

“My company is underpaying me. I know I’m worth so much more.” If they know they are worth so much more, then why don’t they let the company know? If the company doesn’t appreciate them, then move on and look for opportunities elsewhere.

“I can’t afford this. If I want to get this, I must save up for years.” In reality, saving alone is not enough. If you’re relying on saving alone, you’re having the mentality of a poor person. If you want something, work towards it.

The ones above are just the common ones we come across almost everyday. When it comes to complaints and excuses, I’ve listened to the most unimaginable ones that I doubt any optimistic person can even bear being in the same room with these “victims”.

Life is all about taking risks

Like it or not, if we want to be able to live comfortably, we have to work for it unless we’re born into a wealthy family. Always remember though. If we don’t earn something with our own hard work, we will never appreciate it. One day we’re going to lose it all before we even realize it.

There are many opportunities out there. We should keep giving excuses that it’s too hard or that we can’t do it. This would mean that we’re already labeling ourselves as losers before we even start. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and don’t ever see yourself as a victim of circumstances no matter what.