Getting Started


If this is your first time visiting this blog, you’re at the right place!


My name is Jacqueline. I’m a freelance designer, blogger and leisure gamer.

I started this blog in 2009 as a personal blog. My blog has transitioned into a business blog, then lifestyle blog and now it’s more like a hybrid blog for creative stuff. Why that many changes? Well, perhaps because I’m a multipotentialite with many interests and it took me a while to narrow down my list.

While I may not be remotely qualified to tell you how to live your life (not that I intended to do so), I’m the most qualified person to talk about my own life and to share my experiences. I’m also documenting an ongoing journey of mine in pursuit of many interesting projects (well, interesting to me at least.) Here are brief intros to each category you may find here:


There are many things that are not within our control but the only one powerful thing that we have control over is our mindset. I’ve been blessed with many mentors that came into my life to teach me valuable lessons about having a strong mindset.


I’ve been running my own business since 2008 on a part-time basis until I left employment in 2011. I have my fair shares of successes and failures over the years. I’m also very much an avid learner. It’s all I do and it’s all I ever want to do. Here, I share tips I’ve learned over the years on productivity, online business, working from home and learning tools.


Almost everybody is a gamer including my late mom who was so addicted she used to hoard the iPad to play Candy Crush. Why only professional and full time gamers can blog about gaming right? I’m defying that norm with this section dedicated to my love of gaming.

Everything Else!

Now that I’m in my late 30s, I know I cannot take wellness for granted anymore. Therefore, this is a personal journal documents my wellness journey (meditation, yoga, natural living and eating well) and my domesticated life (home improvement, cooking and gardening), some musings, and a little bit of travel.

Let’s Get Connected

Please feel free to comment on my posts if you agree, disagree or just need to correct my grammar. Let’s make it thought-provoking so we can learn from each other. Also, a gentle reminder to be respectful towards each other and have fun! 

As for those who would like to connect with me and find out more about my other creative pursuits, please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Who knows? We probably share similar interests.