The Benefits of Spending Less Time on Social Media

If I take a moment and think about each of my social media profiles, I still feel the excitement when I first signed up. I just love typing down my details and writing about who I am and what I do. But once the profile is up and running, I wouldn’t even log in to check them for weeks, months and sometimes for years!

Like any relationship, I would call that the “courting period.” It was refreshing and new but eventually the feeling wears off. Some quicker than another. Sometimes I notice I’m only going through the motion of creating more and more profiles just so when I Google myself, I could see my name appears more frequently on the first page. Go ahead and try it. See how many sites you’ll find that’s linked back to you. It’s real interesting.

Now that I’m going on a journey to be a minimalist, I don’t want to just clear up physical items at home. I think it’s time for me to delete all the inactive profiles. I get bumped up whenever I look for someone and I get excited finding their profiles only to be disappointed within seconds when I realize that they’re not even active there. I certainly don’t want to disappoint my fans that way.

So, now you need not know what are the other profiles that I have. I’m working on deactivating them and I don’t plan to sign up for any new social media networks unless they’re like the next Facebook or Twitter or if I get an invitation from Johnny Depp to create a new profile. I plan to stick to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as my major social networks.

Speaking of Facebook, I used to add all sort of people that I know them but not personally or strangers because of the industry that I was in. Networking offline and online was really an important part of the job. I also happened to be an active player in certain Facebook games. Once I had like over 3000 friends in which I had no clue whatsoever who the 80% of them were. I was so freaked out getting all sort of notifications from people I don’t know. That was why I “spring cleaned” my Facebook list of friends, narrowing it down to a little over 1500 friends.

If someone tells you that they pride themselves in knowing every single person in their Facebook when they have like over 2000 friends, they are totally pulling your leg. I caught one who said that to me and upon some investigation, I found out he was just exaggerating (like he does in every single thing). I would think that if you want to brag about knowing each and every one of your Facebook friends, at least be smart about it. Don’t try this BS with someone who has 90 mutual friends with you. It was really easy to find out because my sister happened to be in his list and she has not a single clue who the heck he was. Then more and more of these “mutual friends” started telling me it was him who sent the requests to them in the first place. Bummer! Get a life, buddy!

British anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, says human beings can have no more than 150 friends – that’s the upper limit the brain can absorb.

A hundred and fifty?! Are you freaking kidding me? I could hardly keep in touch with even twenty of them! If you’re one of my close friends and you’re reading this (duh! obviously you are), you know what I’m talking about. I’m the worst possible person when it comes to keeping in touch and I’m so, so, so, very sorry about that. I seriously feel bad about it and I do try my very best but I just suck at it, really.

For goodness sake, half the time, I don’t even know what’s going on in their lives even though I’m on Facebook all the time. I don’t know if they’re travelling, just got pregnant, just had a baby, sick, busy, stuck in the jungle, etc. And I blame it on my previous action of adding too many people that don’t matter to me at all in my Facebook in the name of Sims Social and Cafe World! That’s precisely why I’m shifting acquaintances and work people I’ve never met in person to LinkedIn. Get the general public to Twitter and only keep those I’ve known in person in Facebook. It’s easier to stalk them this way.

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