Sick Upon Arrival in Cape Town

21 December 2011: We were at KLIA at midnight, waiting for our flight to Cape Town, South Africa. I was feeling exhausted and uneasy all of a sudden. When we boarded, it was confirmed that I had a fever coming. I was sick upon arrival, making me real mad. It sucked to be sick on holidays.

My friends picked us up at the Cape Town International Airport and headed back home right away so I could rest. We didn’t really do much on the first day as usual. The last trip we came, she let us sleep all day due to jet lag.

We went to a burger place (I can’t recall the name) for lunch. I couldn’t even finish my burger so we had it takeaway. We walked a short distance to the garden and fed some squirrels before heading home.

23 December 2011: I wouldn’t say I’m feeling a lot better but I’m getting used to it. My matey put me on Berocca, which helped a lot with the cold. We managed to go to a few places today.


The Bottom of Table Mountain

We wanted to go to the Table Mountain but it was closed due to the strong wind and also the fog. While we were leaving to our car, we were approached by a reporter of the Cape Town local television. She wanted to interview us regarding our holidays. My Capetonians pointed at us and said, “We’re locals. They’re the visitors.” As usual, I was put on spot and so I did that interview.


12 Apostles, Camps Bay

My friends took us for a drink. We were just chilling and catching up while enjoying the nice scenery.


World of Birds

We passed by this place and we just decided to visit. Here are some pictures we took of the animals…mostly birds…duh!


Colourful parrots.


White swans.


Umm…orange crane? I’m never bothered with knowing their proper names. They’re all birds to me!


Some sort of eagle.


Yup. They have penguins too.


Beaver? Dassie?


I started to miss my guinea pigs at home when I saw these little guys.