This place has become home for local refugees and vagrants. The inhabitants are very suspicious of outsiders.

Map Level: 31 | Recommended Combat Level: 31 – 35

Landmark (6)

Landmarks are locations where you’re required to take a photograph to earn your rewards.

1. Abandoned Yacht

2. Billboard: Thanks to whoever who placed the ladder here so we could take this picture safely without getting strangled by the Infected.

3. Dam Outlet:  I was so tempted to jump off!

4. Mound

5. Signal Tower

6. Derailed Train

Chest (3)

1. Explorer’s Collection

2. The Legacy

3. Escapee’s Treasure: This is near where the derailed train is. You’ll see a billboard. Climb up and look behind it to spot this chest.


Strong Infected: Defeat the Abnormal Infected


Normal Specialty



Copper Ore

Diamond Drill


Jute Leaf

Jute Stem

Beast Tooth

Beast Fur




Seasonal Specialty

Honeydew Melon