Recovered from Bad Fever and Rocking in Cape Town

My holidays in Cape Town continued…


24 December 2011: Each time the clock strike 12 in the afternoon, we heard a loud boom. Lisa and Brit told us it was the Noon Gun and explained to us briefly about the custom. They decided to take us there today. The drive up to the hill was scary since the road was so narrow but we managed to make it on time to hear a little bit about the history of Noon Gun.


Preparing the Noon Gun. We all were advised to protect our ears because it could be really loud. Well, if it could be heard throughout Cape Town, it was definitely loud. When it was fired, I felt the ground shake.


After that, we drove up to the bottom of table mountain. This time, we were in luck. It was in operations but we waited in a long queue. It was so hot we felt our skins fried. But it was worth the wait.


The fog on top of the mountain.


Sunset from the top of table mountain.


25 December 2011: Christmas lunch at my friend’s mom’s. This was our first time experiencing a traditional Afrikaans Christmas celebration. It was so precious.


26 December 2012: We took a drive along Chapman’s Peak after breakfast. The scenery was simply amazing. We hardly see any of that in Kuala Lumpur due to bad pollution.


My favourite shot at Chapman’s Peak.


This was the first place we visited on our last trip to Cape Town. I still remember my Capetonians picked us up from the airport in the morning and we came to Waterfront for breakfast. I experienced one of the best service ever! No restaurants in Malaysia can measure up. Anyway, this time around, we went at night for dinner. My Capetonians were craving for sushis. Gosh! Sushis are so darn expensive in Cape Town.

The four of us went on this Cape Wheel (picture below) with a friendly British lady. When she found out we’re from Malaysia, she was telling us she read somewhere that Malaysian Airlines will no longer fly direct to Cape Town anymore. What a bummer! Looks like we have to settle for Emirates then. I have no complaints about Emirates since I heard only good things about them but to stop in Dubai for 7-9 hours is a total waste of time for us.


27 December 2012: We went for a road trip, driving all the way to Prince Albert. It was like a 4 hours drive. The weather was getting hot!


When we arrived in Prince Albert, we were greeted by our friend’s aunt. They were renovating this beautiful house they were selling. It was spacious and comfortable. I wish I could live in a house like this.

We rested for a while. Then her aunt’s friends came over. It was such a joy to know the two friendly ladies who shared with us many interesting stories. We went for dinner together. I kid you not but I had the best pork ribs ever!


28 December 2012: Still in Prince Albert. We went to the rocky mountain area to take some pictures after breakfast.


We found this small river on the way up to the rocky areas. The water was so clear and cold. It came from the mountain so it was extremely clean. I had a few sips and it tasted….nothing. LOL

29 December 2012: We walked from the apartment we were staying in to Castle of Good Hope.


It was pretty crowded even though on a weekday. They had, however, sealed up most of the rooms so we managed to visit only a few areas.

Later at night, another road trip was underway and this time we were driving to Storms River in Tsitsikamma. We bought our food and get packed. We headed out at night. It was time for me to share with my Capetonians the horror stories about road trips and highways.

We took the wrong road so it became a scary ride. When we came to this long dark road, we were going quite fast but many times we had to brake abruptly to steer away from hopping bunnies coming out of nowhere. Then… I dozed off.

30 December 2011: I felt really bad because I almost slept through the journey. My Capetonians must be exhausted from the driving. Anyway, we finally reached our destination and Tsitsikamma took my breath away!


The hanging bridges at Storms River.


We were facing the beautiful Atlantic ocean.


When it was almost sunset, we had Braai for dinner. It’s one of my favourite activities in South Africa.


Our sleeping tent at the camp area.