Protecting Your Privacy Online

Our activities online are tracked by mostly advertisers using web cookies. I’m sure we’ve always known this but some of us have never taken a proactive action to protect our privacy online, including myself.

After reading an article called The Web Cookie Is Dying. Here’s The Creepier Technology That Comes Next [Forbes] today, I quickly downloaded Ghostery so that I’ll be made aware of who are tracking my activities online and I can choose to stop them from doing so. Alternatively you can also protect yourself by using Tor or Abine’s DoNotTrackMe.

I conduct a lot of research online in order to develop training materials for my trainers/ clients. I also deal with a lot of confidential data and therefore, I cannot afford to not protect my research activities.

For those of you who does similar work as I do or you’re required to surf the web a lot, it’s best for you to consider going anonymous and mask your IP.

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