Hi, I’m Jacqueline

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and designer. I’m a social introvert who truly enjoy having a cuppa coffee with a small group of people discussing various topics.

About My Blog

I’ve been blogging since 2009 on various topics since I found it difficult to commit myself to one specific field or interest. After years of struggling to “focus”, I finally came into terms with the fact that I’m a multipotentialite (someone with many interests and creative pursuits as defined by Emilie Wapnick) So, instead of trying to mold myself into a specialist, I’ve decided to embrace who I truly am and be “Jack of all trades, Master of Some.”

In this blog, I truly want to help small business owners and solopreneurs build better (not necessarily bigger) businesses. Therefore, I want to put aside my tendency to dive deep in various topics and just focus on relevant posts that will be helpful to you. I share mostly on my entrepreneurial journey and lessons I learned along the way. I will also include some How-Tos particularly for those who are just getting started.

As for those who would like to connect with me and find out more about my other creative pursuits, please feel free to follow me on Instagram where it’s sort of like a microblog to me. Who knows? We probably share similar interests.

On the side note, I am a Malaysian blogger. Although English is my first language, I’m not a native English speaker so pardon my Grammar.