I moved back to my home town late last year and kick start the year with so much enthusiasm as I left the training industry to take over the family business so my parents can retire. Also, it was really important for me to be close to family since my mom has been ill.

Our business had a great start as well. We had our first major T-shirt printing order which brought a large amount of revenue. But after this deal, we didn’t really market our T-shirt printing service as we were committed to grow the family business. I also started my doctoral studies in May.

Mid 2014, major conflict occurred in the family business. An insecure family member was having a hard time to cope with the changes. and had a psychotic breakdown. She had a history of psychological issues that drove people away. I packed up and left the family business, also leaving my 6 months of hard work. I was not even paid so I had to start from scratch and struggled for a bit financially.

I was going through depression for a bit but my relatives and close friends have been supportive. In no time, I picked myself up again and started working towards my goals. Things were moving rather slowly but it started to pick up somewhere in November.

While the year was bad, I had a few positive highlights that worth noting:

  • My  relationship with my brother who left home has improved tremendously because he was edged out by the same person the year before. I completely understand now what he went through. We support each other in business.
  • We have a new family member! My brother got us an amazing Miniature Schnauzer and we named her Coffee. She truly brightens our day. Although on another note, we did lose Rascal.
  • I met up with a published novelist who is so kind to welcome me on board as part of her 2015 journey where she would be my accountability coach to make sure I produce a complete book.

I have great plans for 2015 and I can’t wait to say goodbye to this awful year.