Nobody Else Can Want Your Success More Than You Do

A few years ago, I was in the network marketing business. I had the privilege to be mentored by Cheanu (pronounced as Keanu), one of the successful leaders in the industry. He taught me many things and this is one of the many lessons that stick with me until today. Cheanu was always so inspiring and empowering. Everytime we have motivational talks or sales meetings, he practically pumped us all up with his enthusiasm and energy, saying he really wanted to see us all successful in what we’re passionate about. He was all about unleashing our true potential.

There was this one time Cheanu said to me, “I cannot want your success more than you do.” It’s true to this day as I have seen it happen throughout the years with the people I’ve worked with. I can talk about this in the perspective of a leader in personal growth and in business.

From the perspective of a leader which was exactly what Cheanu was trying to convey to me back then, a leader can empower and inspire his/ her team to achieve success but when it comes to individuals, he/ she cannot do much if that particular individual is not willing to do what it takes to move themselves closer to their goals. For whatever reasons, if the individual doesn’t want the success enough, they will not be driven to make things happen. I’ve seen people just give up on themselves even the leader believes in them.

After I left employment, I was associated with a few companies to be in charge of marketing and business development. I worked with some really driven business owners that shared my enthusiasm. I absolutely admire how dedicated they are to their business that it’s nothing but joy to me to be on the journey with them. Unfortunately, I also came across some business owners who are not as committed as I was to their business. No matter how hard I work, the business will not be successful if the owners themselves aren’t moving. I cannot make business decisions on behalf of them. It’s not mine to say. I’m only a hired consultant or project manager to assist them.

When we work with others as a leader, as a team or even as a business partner, we must take this into consideration. We must ask ourselves if we want the success enough and if the people we’re working on share the same vision. It’s truly exhausting to work with individuals who just don’t care enough. You need to ask yourself how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in them. Eventually, you’ll need to move on without them. If you chose to stay with them, you know you’re missing out on what you can truly achieve with your talents.