For the kind, friendly and generous peeps out there, it’s an easy choice to make to be nice. It’s like a built-in programme where your default mode is to be nice to anyone you come across and even nicer to the people you love and care about. It almost feel like you’re obliged to be nice. That’s a good thing really.
However, there are those “not-so-nice” and selfish people out there who feel entitled. When we’re nice to them, they feel like they’ve earned it. Let me ask you this. Have you ever done something nice for someone, be it a family member, your spouse, or friends, consistently? Yeah? For example, you’re the one who always do the laundry or cook the meals. What happens if you stop doing it for a while? That’s right…
Almost instantly, they take notice and wonder why you stopped doing your “duty” or carry out your “obligation.” It’s like you’re expected to do that and no one seems to care about offering to help out once in awhile. I’ve seen my mom being the “maid” her entire life until she passed. After losing her, my dad shifted the obligation to my siblings and I, thinking we have all the time in the world to take over my mom’s role to be his maid, driver, companion, etc.
From doing the house chores to washing their undies, from getting their meals ready to buying their groceries, you name it. No even a word of “thank you” or some gestures of appreciation. It’s really a slap in the face when you’re already stressed about your work and still have to do all the house chores while these people just seem to be hanging out or going shopping all the time including weekends.
That’s when you started feeling like a “maid” being stressed about your work and house chores while they never lift a finger even when they’re free. If you’re experiencing this as well, I’m sure it can be really frustrating. Stop letting these people take advantage of you.
You need to take back your control. You don’t need to be nice to people who don’t appreciate it. Be nice to those you think deserve it.