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I reflect on my life pretty often ever since I turned 30 to get a new perspective on life. I mean, that’s what most people do right? It’s not always a pleasant experience though. Occasionally, I would have a mild panic attack as if I was going to run out of time. That’s when I tend to speed up everything I do. Yeesh! It was bad as it stressed me up even more.

Today I turned 35. Do I still get nervous about getting older? A little. But I also know that there’s no way I could avoid this. While there are many great inspirational quotes, I stumbled upon a phrase that’s more powerful than anything else I ever did. It was something Gary Vaynerchuk said to a fan who asked for 3 words to give her inspiration whenever she’s feeling down. Here’s the video that captured that powerful moment:

The Most Motivational Statement Ever!

This new perspective on life pushed me to do something about my life. I no longer want to do things or be with people that make me feel unhappy. Since I left the corporate world, my daily life revolves around hustling to make more money. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy what I do for sure but you can actually still get burned out doing what you love.

After a major relationship breakdown that I experienced with my supposed family in 2014, I was depressed for a little over 6 months. After I pulled myself out of that hell hole, my perspective of life has undergone some major changes. It took me quite a while to realize that. Now I finally can put them into writing now.


I believe that the things that happened and will happen to me are the results of my choices. I should accept the consequences of my decisions with no regrets and no complaints. There are also times that the results of my choices were unexpected. Sometimes better and sometimes worse. But it doesn’t matter anyway. The moment I decide on something, I’ll live with whatever consequences. The moment you can live with the consequences of your decisions and actions, you’re in full control of your life.


I’ve been struggling for the longest time to let go of the obsessive needs to be perfect in everything I do. This results in procrastination as I keep putting off things in both my personal life and business. It’s only when I decided that I should do it anyway and learn from mistakes along the way that I started to see progress. As it turned out, my fear of making mistakes turned out to be untrue considering most of the time, everything just flows smoothly. I begin to accept that it’s okay to not be perfect because nobody is perfect anyway.


I used to be a hoarder. I would keep the movie tickets and receipts of significant events as well as souvenirs and gifts that I don’t have any use of. This created clutters in every aspects of my life; physical clutters, digital clutters and emotional clutters. It’s only when I learn to let go of all these things that I’m able to take control of my life again. By practising detachment, I’m able to “declutter” the things and people that don’t serve any purpose in my life and be free to live my life in my own terms.

With the realization that I have the power to make and live with my choices and imperfections, I’m able to detach. This has changed how I look at life and people in general. I no longer waste time and effort holding onto things and people that don’t make me happy. It frees me up to do more and serve others.