Mount Snow is rich and packed with resources. It’s like a heaven for gatherers. You can log, mine and pick resources at the Hillside, there are chests scattered throughout the Snowy Pass, there are ample more resources in the Mt. Snow Hidden Path as well as the Imp. Factory.

Map Level: 26 | Recommended Combat Level: 26 – 30

Landmark (4)

Cave Entrance

The Iron Gate of the Secret Tunnel

Hillside Stronghold

Factory Entrance


Chest (4)

Mt. Snow Blessing

Secret Treasure in a Cave

Imperium Confidential

Gift in the Water


Area Operation: Hillside Stronghold

Area Investigation

Old Cypress

Cypress Leaves

Cracked Tough Hide

Gingko Seedling

Aluminum Ore



Flax Leaf

Flax Petal

Kenaf Leaf


Beast Horn

Rugged Leather


Matsutake Mushroom

Cave Mushroom


Ice Cube