The one thing that enticed me to download this mobile game in the first place was because I’m a huge Resident Evil fan. This upcoming collaboration event between LifeAfter (NetEase) and Resident Evil (Capcom) has gotten me so excited I can’t process my emotions right now. This game truly has everything that I ever wanted in a multiplayer, survival horror, open world kinda of gameplay.

There are some amazing login rewards you can get from this collaboration event!

Ada Wong Figurine (RESIDENT EVIL)

Log in during the event to get. Ada Wong figurine. Clad in a dress as red as roses, there is an aura of power and mystery about her.

Crossover Limited Picture Frame

Log in during the event to get crossover limited Picture Frame. With hopes that survivors can take more splendid pictures in the LifeAfter world.

Survivor Essentials Kit

Log in during the event to get essential items to survive in the doomsday world: Special Pickaxe*1, Heart Pacemaker*1, Berries *10, Bandage*3

Crossover Limited Backpack

Complete the 7-day log-in quest to get the crucial Tactical Backpack to survive in the LifeAfter world.
This tactical backpack is an essential piece of survival equipment in the LifeAfter world. Its advanced design gives it the advantages of large capacity and multi-functionality.


If you’re a LifeAfter player, the LifeAfter x ResidentEvil Collaboration Event will go live from August 27th until September 10th. If you haven’t started playing the game and would like to start now, you can download it at LifeAfter game site.