There are 10 exploration chests in Levin City. Most of them are pretty easy to locate. The only problem is that the city is overrun by Infected at almost every corners so prepare yourself with loads of medkits just in case. You don’t need to deal with the Infected directly. I mostly just run away from them and try not to get their attention.

1st Chest: Massacre at the Observatory

This is located near the Observatory. The location may differ as shown in the red circles below but it’s around the Observatory so just look around the circled area. You don’t need to go up to the Observatory platform as it’s crawling with Infected.

2nd Chest: Walker’s Generosity

This is located near the Levin City Train Station. There are a few potential locations but do look under the roof covered area.

3rd Chest: Lost Property

This is located inside the building of a financial centre. The building is crawling with Infected. When you enter, look around the waiting area where there are chairs lying around. If you could find it there, then  you can quickly get out. Otherwise, you’ll need to keep looking.

4th Chest: King’s Speech

You will find the Obelisk at this location. You can climb up from the raised platform on its side. Place an ammo box to jump over to the ledge around it.

5th Chest: High Rise Scenery

When you’re near the area, you’ll see the yellow ladder where you can climb up. Go all the way up to the top of the building and the chest is there.

6th Chest: Artistic Heritage

This is located at an art gallery at the ledge of the entrance. Go to the side of the entrance and run up the ramp like structure and you should be able to find the chest.

7th Chest: Useless Pile of Books

This is located at the school area. There are three buildings facing an open area. It’s at the ledge at the one of the building entrance. You can try to locate it from the open area but it’s crawling with Infected so be careful. Once you see the chest, go into the building and run all the way up to the rooftop and jump to the ledge from the top to get the chest.

8th Chest: Lost Witness

This chest is located on top of a standalone booth next to an ambulance. You can climb up from the trash can near the gate.

9th Chest: Sunken Supplies

This chest is located underwater. The exact spot may be different so just swim along the river to locate it.

10th Chest: Car Accident Site

This chest is located on the overpass.