An abandoned island. Some distinctive buildings on it still remain intact.

Resource Level: 5 | Recommended Combat Level: 51 – 55

Landmark (4)

1. Radar Receiver

2. Desolate Pillar

3. Billboard

4. The Waterfall in the Ruins

Chest (3)

1. Rich Trophy

2. Treasure in the Village: The Life Suckers roam this area so if you have a sniper with you, shoot them from afar as they can pretty much spot you easily and start attacking you. Each house has a treasure chest you can retrieve apart from this one so kill all the Life Suckers so you can explore in peace.

3. Treasure in the Ruins: The chest is located on the ruins. I didn’t find any direct way to get up there near the chest so I went on to the other side of the ruins and climbed up from there. I included a short clip as a guide.

Strong Infected: Special Mutant

Old Oak

Birch Root

Silver Ore


Sisal Leaf

Kenaf Bast

Beast Blood

Rugged Tail