“A picture is worth a thousand words” is best to describe Instagram. It’s no surprise that artists and designers are embracing it to feature their in-progress and finished works for all to appreciate. Apart from showcasing your creative works, it’s also an amazing platform to find inspiration.

Here are 12 incredible artists and designers with different specializations that you can follow to get inspired.


Coffee Illustrated

You’ll be impressed with what this artist from Scotland can do to coffee cups. That goes on to show that you can truly make art on anything!

Christoph Niemann

An artist, author and animator, his impressive works appear on the covers of  The New Yorker,  National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine.

Gemma Correll

Gemma’s light-hearted and funny cartoons and doodles on Instagram are simply captivating.

Emmy Kalia

Emmy uses mostly pencil and watercolours. Her Instagram consists mostly of her work-in-progress portraits. Her finished works are incredibly realistic looking.

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton is both a designer and illustrator. His works posted on Instagram and his website are mostly doodles and retro-theme illustration.

Camillo Richter

The works of this amazing graphic artist in Germany is simply amazing. It’s addictive to browse his single-object illustration in his Instagram.

Lisa Congdon

Get inspired by the positivity portrayed in the beautiful and colourful illustrations on Lisa’s Instagram.


This list is not final and it’ll keep evolving! I’m still exploring and seeking inspiration sources. Are there any talented artists and designers you’ve come across that are not listed here? Let me know in the comment and I’ll check them out!


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