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There are valuable chests containing various items including some rare items scattered throughout the maps. I mostly chanced upon them while playing while some were shown to me by my campmates once they have completed their exploration map. I hope this guide will help you locate these chests quicker and save you time to focus on more important tasks. 

However, if you prefer a challenge, you can leave this page and rely on the tips provided in your Map Exploration List. In this post, I’m combining the guide to exploration chests on Hope 101 and Fall Forest as they’re pretty straightforward. You don’t need to locate the chests sequentially. You can do it at random. 

Hope 101 Exploration Chests Locations 

You’ll receive Rainbow Paradise and money for each crates you open and a 1000 gold bars upon completing this quest. I have included a map and explanation on how to get these chests. 

1st Chest 

  • Once you arrive in Hope 101, open the mini map and look for the board sign. The board is inside the Commerce Bureau building. 
  • Enter the building, go up the flight of stairs on the left and proceed to the 2nd floor or top floor.
  • Enter the room and you should see the chest next to the office desk. 

2nd Chest 

  • Look for the Steak House and enter the building 
  • The chest is located behind the cashier. 

3rd Chest 

  • Go to the marketplace. There are three possible locations for this chest. You can find the chest in one of these spots. 
  • As soon as you enter the market, look for the chest on your left above the barrels and crates. If you can’t find it, it might be on the barrels and crates on the right. If you still can’t find it, it’s most likely located at the deeper end of the market on the right. Look for barrels and crates you can climb up to. 

4th Chest 

  • Go to the mayor building and head to the 1st floor. 
  • Turn left and into the balcony. You’ll see boxes on your left. 
  • Climb up to the rooftop and you should see the chest on the top of a crate.

I made a brief video for those of you who are visuals so you can see exactly where the locations are.