If you’re a homepreneur, you could probably relate to this. While running our business from home have many advantages, there are some challenges other than the business itself. It can be quite emotionally draining having to deal with family and friends who don’t understand how we work. 
There’s an article by Kevin Daum published in Inc.com with the title 6 Things Entrepreneurs Wish Family, Friends, and Employees Understood that got me to write my own version from a perspective of a homepreneur. Here are the 3 common things that somehow didn’t cross their minds:

Working from Home Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Work

Some people seems to think that those of us who work from home have nothing to do. The reality is, we could be working harder than some people with traditional 9 – 5 job. These employees have fixed salary, annual leaves, medical insurance, bonuses, etc. In business, no work equals no income and no income means we can’t afford to go on leave, buy medical insurance, or give out bonuses. On top of that, without a clearly defined working hours, a workaholic like myself ended up working around the clock with no breaks. Anytime, anywhere, I’m constantly thinking of how to bring my business to the next level and how to grow my income. Time is literally money!

We Don’t Appreciate Being Interrupted During Work

We may be at the comfort of our home but that doesn’t mean we want to get interrupted when we’re in the “zone.” Study shows that it takes up to 23 minutes for us to regain the focus on the tasks at hand when we’re interrupted.
It’s even more frustrating when family and friends assume we’re available anytime of the day just because we have time flexibility. We’re expected to run errands, do house chores, deliver things, or do grocery shopping for them since we’re not in the office and therefore, we’re perceived as being not “at work.” Family and friends who are staying with homepreneurs should just take it as they’re in the office, working. You don’t go to someone’s office and chat them up when they’re working and you definitely don’t ask them to give you a ride to the market during their working hours!

Our Freedom is Earned

Although our ultimate goal to run business is to achieve financial and time freedom, it doesn’t just drop from the sky. We need to work extremely hard to earn it. It’s really disrespectful to say things like “When are you getting back to a real job?” or “You’re so lucky you have all the time in the world.” It’s a total disregard of the time, effort and money we invested in our business, our passion.