Living is like being on a ship on the ocean cruising towards our destination. The water is sometimes still but most of the time a little wavy. It’s full of uncertainties like a series of thunderstorms. Keeping the ship on course with loud thunder, flashing of lightning, waves crashing, and winds howling is excruciating when we’re lost, not knowing where we could turn to. Amidst the chaos, we see the reliable light that shines from a lighthouse. The lighthouse is visible regardless of weather conditions. It provides us with stability and direction. Find that lighthouse and let it guide you to safety!


I haven’t pick up my pencil to draw anything for almost 4 years. There’s no better time than now. Without thinking too much, I picked up my pencil and begin sketching this lighthouse. I’ve always loved lighthouse. As a person who’s having difficulty to focus, lighthouse to me is that person that has a light from within and shine out to show me direction. This lighthouse is sometimes the love of my life, sometimes my mentors, and most of the time, they’re just my instinct driven by my core values.