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When we live and breathe social media, we will stumble upon the wrong crowd. These are the people who got us frustrated and upset unnecessarily by their posts and the way they communicate with you. They’re energy suckers.

Identify these peeps and avoid them at all costs. I’m sure you can relate when I explain in details what these people are. Here are the types of energy suckers to avoid in social media:

The Negative People

Every day is a bad day for these people. They turn all their friends into complaint centre, feeling the need to let everyone know how awful their lives are. They’re the worst kind of energy suckers. Their demotivating and negative statuses will affect your mood if you see it often enough. Hit the ‘hide’ button and never have to see their statuses and posts appear in your news feed. You may need to hit the delete button if they start to spread their “disease” to your profile.

The Trolls

Trolls will hijack your posts and start provoking you with controversial or off-topic messages to stir some emotions. They enjoy it more if you begin arguing and debating with them. The best way is to just ignore them and pay them no attention. If they keep doing it, block them off. Nobody wants a troll lurking around in their profile but if these trolls happen to be your friends, you can block them off your wall.

The Egoistic Experts

They’re quite similar to trolls. The only difference is that they do know what they’re talking about and they have no qualms to make you look stupid if you post about subjects related to their “expertise”. They will disagree with you and “corner” you with questions unnecessarily. Just like trolls, they would enjoy it more if you start explaining. Remember this! Never explain anything to them. Even if you can clarify your points, they will still think of something to sway you off your feet. Their purpose here is to win and appear to be more superior than you. Just thank them for sharing and move on. You might also want to limit your posts to them. If it gets too “toxic”, delete them.

The Offensive Jokers

They’re trying to be funny but they don’t realize that they’re offending people with their remarks that are racist, sexist, discriminative and insulting in nature. Avoid these energy suckers as well.

The Hawkers

They have a new blog post, they’re running a promotion next month, they’re publishing a new eBook sometime this year, and they’re going to be on a radio interview. In fact, these are all they talk about. Whenever there’s a chance, they will find a way to include their promotional activities in your statuses and posts. These people keep hawking their own stuff and using social media solely as marketing channels. I’m a marketer myself but there’s a huge difference between being a marketer and a shameless self-promoter. People tend to be annoyed with the latter.

The Delusional Hardworker

Unless the person is a social media marketer like myself, chances are they’re probably too free if you catch them updating posts, commenting and tweeting about work. They want you to think they’re working their butts off but if you truly focus on your work, you won’t have time to be on Facebook or Twitter. 80% of the time I’m online, doing research and marketing but I still find the remaining time focusing on my proposals and reports but these people tweet around the clock.

The Brain Picker

Social media is the best platform to learn and share knowledge. But you will come across people who will take advantage of it for their own benefits and theirs only. You’ll realize that sometimes in a conversation, someone will just keep asking you to repeat and explain certain things when they know you know more than you just shared. Be mindful of sharing your trade secrets and your business strategies or even worse, your clientele list. It’s not about being selfish here but you must remember that you also need to make a living and you’re not doing charity. Don’t let these people get away with earning money out of your knowledge and expertise.

Have you come across any other type of people that you think we need to avoid? Feel free to share.