Effective Guerrilla Marketing Tactic through Promotional Merchandise

Most companies, big and small, use promotional merchandise as part of their guerrilla marketing campaign. These are the items such as T-shirts, keychains, pens, or any kind of products that can be imprinted with the company’s name or logo to be given away to clients in an event.

Guerrilla marketing tactics are most useful for small companies without big advertising budgets. I’ve used promotional merchandises to be given away for free to customers. Personalized merchandises with your company name, logo or contact details imprinted can be pricey if you’re not purchasing in bulk. But there’s no point giving out free merchandises that don’t carry your company brand.

There are, however, cheaper alternatives that you can begin with and you can save more as you order more. Here are some of my favourite items to be used as promotional merchandises:

For Your Own Use as Part of Company Branding

Before you spend on getting your company logo and details printed on items to be given away, you might want to reserve some to get some of these items for yourself and your team. You’re the brand ambassador of your company so you need to be the champion of your brand.

Company T-shirt

You can have your company name or logo embroidered on this Polo T-shirt where you can wear to casual meetings with your clients or even networking events.
Tie with Company Logo
For more formal meetings, you can get a tie instead since you can hardly find a corporate shirt with print-in-demand unless you get a corporate uniform. However, there’s an alternative to that. Go to any store and get a shirt, then visit a local tailor who could do a simple embroidery of your company name on the shirt.
Company Business Cards
You might also want to bring along some business cards with you when you’re meeting your clients or when you’re attending networking events. In this era of social media, you don’t necessarily need to print thousands of business cards but it’s essential to have a box at least. You can check out more color business cards with variety of other designs that suit you business.
Promotional Merchandises to be given away as part of Corporate Branding
Here are a few items I personally enjoy giving away because it’s practical and useful. You want to make sure your products are used either by your customers or given away to other people who will use it. As long as you think these products won’t end up in trash instantly, it’s a good consideration.
Ceramic Mugs
I literally never bought a mug unless it’s a gift for others. I always get mugs from my suppliers and clients. I never throw away mugs even though I have tons of them. I use it at home and at work. I also give them away. You can print your company logo and website on the mug and give them to your clients. They’ll definitely go around until of course, they’re broken.
I don’t know about the rest of the world but I hardly change my keychain unless it’s broken or loss. So, if you’re using this as your promotional merchandise, it’s a pretty good choice.
Notebooks with your company logo and contact details printed on it prove to be effective in creating brand awareness. People don’t throw away unused notebooks. They use it or they give it away. That way, your brand gets around.
Mouse Pads
Similar to keychains and mugs, you just keep using them until they’re damaged. Remember to always go for long-lasting and durable items as your promotional merchandise so they don’t get replaced or thrown away so quickly.
The items mentioned above are some of my favourites but you can browse around the entire Zazzle store for more selection. Other online stores such as TinyPrints and Spreadshirt are also great platforms for you to personalize the items of your choice. It’s that easy! Apart from these, you can also shop in Etsy which offer thousands of personalized items.